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  1. Thanks Bill, I understand Remco is no longer in business, they were apparently purchased by Superior. I talked with one of the distributors this morning and it looks like the total cost would be between $1500 and $1800 depending on installation issues. Yes, I understand the objective is to avoid destroying the Transmission. I'm just looking for alternatives.
  2. I have a question concerning towing my 1999 Ford Ranger Automatic Trans. I realize that Ford states that the Ranger Automatic is not 4 down towable because of Transmission lubrication concerns. However I do not want to invest in a driveshaft coupler which cost half the value of the little truck. Has anyone towed the ranger automatic or any automatic by stopping frequently and starting the vehicle?
  3. Hi folks, planning a trip the first two weeks in May from Virginia Beach, Va. to Nashville, Tenn. Would like to travel the back roads (non interstate) if possible. Looking for trip route info, looks like interstate 58 from Va. Beach to Ashville however need help from that point. May also take a side trip to Fries Va. along the crocked road on the way lback. We have visited this area of Va a few years ago but thought we might try to find our way again. So need help on the back roads to Nashville along with points of interest or things to see. Ron
  4. Thanks, looks like investigation required. I greatly appreciate the warning, if anyone can get themselves in trouble it's me.
  5. Thanks for the feedback, I'm thinking we will camp off the salt. Wife might not enjoy the salt life as much as me. She is much more interested in the National Parks and all the rock art as I call it. I just want to experience the Speed Week Events.
  6. Hope to attend Bonneville Speed Week, August 11 thru 17th. I have not had the pleasure of visiting this part of the country wife and I will be traveling in a 30ft. Motorhome. Looking for suggestions on places to stay, I understand you can camp on the salt in some areas but not sure how that would work so if you know of a great place to camp that would enable me to attend a part of speed week and day trip to points of interest if that is possible.
  7. Forgot to thank you for the link, greatly appreciated.
  8. Thanks for your feedback, greatly appreciated.
  9. Your correct it always happens that way. My Escape is a front wheel drive so dolly towing should work. Like others I'm not a fan of dolly towing but may have to until it's new car time.
  10. Would like feedback on best dolly for towing a 2017 Ford Escape. Have experience flat towing but no dolly experience. Thanks Ron
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