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  1. Still planning my trip out west, I'll be staying in Colorado Springs with some family, next stop Moab UT. Should I head up Rt 25 to I 70 in Denver or can I run across US 24, US50 then I70 to Moab area? Are these roads okay to travel in my Tiffin Breeze?  This route would keep me out of Denver and off of I 70 for most of the ride. Thanks again for any advice. Denny Pearson

  2. I spent some time in Florida over the last month & ended up buying a lot at Myakka River RV Resort in Port Charlotte. The lot ownership made sense for us in Florida because we wanted to stay there for a few months in the winter. We don't have any other location where we want to stay put for that long. As you all know, trying to find a nice place to park far enough south to get warm weather & be around the beach is tough. We got tired of getting cancelled or bumped so we bought a lot.

    From an investment point of view you can rent it when you are not using it & sites in high end resorts are in big demand. Myakka has been open for around 5 years and some folks were selling lots they had owned for some years & were making some profit on the sale. We liked Myakka because it was small, only 100 sites. Its a beautiful location on the Myakka River, beautiful sunsets, super facilities like club house, and a great community feel with very friendly folks. We looked at some other resorts but they were much larger, 300 sites, and it felt like everything was packed together. 

    So I would say site ownership makes sense if it is  in a location where you want extended stays and sites are at a premium. Be careful to pick a nice, well run place where others will want to buy in. I don't think it will be the best investment I have ever made but I don't think its like the old Florida time shares that people got stuck with. If you  pick a good place you should be able to get your money back when you are done enjoying it and pick up some rental income in the meantime to help pay for taxes & HOA fees. Denny


  3. I just got an advertisement email from FMCA about lots for sale at a resort called Cypress Trails near Ft Meyers. I too am looking at the options of owning a lot and have similar questions about the pros & cons. I will post when I get any good info & would appreciate input as well. Denny

  4. Not sure what problems you had on I70 from Denver to Grand Junction but I could avoid that stretch by taking I 80 from Kansas City to Salt Lake City then drop down I15 to pick up Rt 50. It adds about 50 extra miles but you get see Salt Lake, avoid I70 form Denver to Grand Junction, then still get to experience Rt 50. Does that make any sense? 

  5. I will work on the personal signature, thanks for that advice. We have a 2017 Tiffin Breeze, cummins diesel with engine brakes, tow is jeep Patriot with SMI electric brakes. The Cummins is the 275 hp with turbo charger which I am told will help with the altitude changes. The Breeze has run well in the mountains form NC up through Vermont,  and NH, steep hills but maximum altitude has been only 4,000ish. 

  6. This summer we will be driving our motorhome  from Kansas City to Reno. We are trying to decide whether to take I 80 or take I70 through Denver and pick up Rt 50 in Salina. Our question is about driving conditions like terrain, road condition and traffic and views from the road. Rt 50 from Salina to Reno looks like 2 lane, has anyone had any issues with that stretch? Thanks, Denny Pearson. ( We are new members & this is our first post to the forum, let us know if we doing something incorrectly)

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