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  1. I just purchased a new used 42 ft Entegra aspire . The previous owner replaced the rear tires with 295/80 22.5s The manufacture on the label inside calls for 275/80 22.5. thoughts? Should I have them replace them?
  2. Samson They were on the unit when I purchased it in 0ct 17 Tire store said the age were 2012 tires Replacing the front ones right now. Those are the ones I am most nervous about not blowing out.
  3. Thanks Herman. Just ordered 2 new front tires. Those are the ones that scare me the most. Thanks
  4. Hello everyone. Well I have been Initiated Had my first blow out today. 4 hours later new tire and home. Late. Had a montoriing system. No warning. Just bang. No leaks. Bought the motorhome in of 17. Tire shop said the date of the tires were 2012 when I had them balanced they are 5 years old. And showed no dry rot. The tire that blew. Blew the side wall. Could put my fist through it. Outer rear tire blew out on the inside. Should I be concerned about the other tires?
  5. Thanks for your response. I spent time on the phone this morning with the Magnum Technical Support. I went through troubleshooting with the inverter and the inverter and the charger both are working properly. His advice was to check and see if 12 V was going into the fuse box for the coach. I'll check that in there is not 12 V going to the fuse box. So the problem is in between the fuse box and the house batteries. The house batteries are charged and have 12 V on them. I am thinking it might be the Killswitch solenoid. If you could look at the two pictures I have attached in my message and give me some advice as to whether the small Solenoid I have a 2006 coachman Encore 40 foot diesel
  6. OK I disconnected the call last night. The problem is still exists. I have it plugged up to shore power but there's no current going through the EMS panel. Inverter in charger shows charging the batteries. It is the odd that in the microwave and coffee pot are on 110 but the refrigerator not on at all. The refrigerator will not turn on. LP or 110 I think when I plugged up the shore power something tripped in the electrical system but I cannot find any breakers or fuses that are tripped. I am lost right now. I have a call into the magnum energy company to see what I need to do to troubleshoot this issue. Thank you all for your helpI am lost right now. I have a call into the magnum energy company to see what I need to do to troubleshoot this issue. I have located 2 Solenoids next to the house batteries. I have attached pictures of both. I'm wondering if one or both are the solenoids related to the salesman switch in the front of the coach. Any thoughts? Thank you all for your help.
  7. Ok going to try disconnect the pump tonight. Order new one. Will keep you posted
  8. Manholt, kay yes and the strainer had dirty water in it. My guess the pump is gone. Yes there are no fuses blown that I have found I have checked them all. I am ordering a new pump and will put it in and see if the pump is locked up and draining the house batteries the slides work only when the switch to the engine is off. jacks only work when the engine switch is on. I am going to check the new house batteries tonight with a meter and make sure they are not dead. my inverter/charger is acting up. I think the water pump is pulling everything down. may disconnect the water pump and see if everything resets. Thoughts? The salesman switch doesn't act like it is working. like I said, when you push the switch it doesn't hold and comes back to the starting position. normally id would engage a solenoid or something and switch the coach batteries off. That is how my other coaches worked right? Thank you for your help.
  9. Thanks everyone. Posted another topic about my 12v system. Need your all’s help. Thanks
  10. Ok I am new to FMCA Been an RV owner for several years. Just purchased a 2006 coachman encore 40’ diesel. Just returned home from a trip tonight put my slides out and jacks. Plugged up to the house 110 as always to keep the new batteries charged. Water pump went out on the trip. Turned it on to see if had any life left. No luck. Went back in the coach to do some things and no 12v Power All the 110 Appliance’s are working but no lights and even the slides don’t work now. 12v dead. There is a battery kill switch in the entry and it seems not to work. It is the bottom switch in the picture. It just rocks back to one side when I press it. The battery light does nothing. It has always done that. I have checked all fuses and all are good. I have unplugged several time to make sure the conecton is good and it doesn’t solve the 12v issue. anyone have any ideas? I am curtain it is something simple I am missing. Thanks in advance for any help
  11. Ok I am new to FMCA. Been a RV owner of and on for 10 years or so. Ok. Just purchased a 2006 coachman encore 40 diesel. Got home from a trip tonight. Dropped jacks put slides out and plugged up to 110 as usual (just to keep batteries charged). During our trip the water pump went out. Turned it on. Did not work. Now the 12 v systems in the coach do not work. Slides will not work. All 120 volt appliances work but no 12 v. The ref doesn’t power up at all on lp or 120. There is a battery disconnect in the front panel When I switch it it does not do anything no sounds just pushes down and rocks back. I have attached a photo. It is the bottom switch. I am puzzled. Feels like something is switched off. 12 v is completely dead. The coach batteries are brand new. Does anyone have any ideas?
  12. Great advise. I have a Coachman Encore with the fresh water fill valve low and can not pour anything in it. Must use hose and connect to system to fill. Any ideas on how to get the bleach in the system? In the past the fill port was a open port I could pour the breach in. Is there a siphon valve somewhere on the coach I could use or purchase? thanks for any advise
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