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  2. HYDRO-HOT unit will not ignite. Based on the description, maybe someone has a clue....Model HHe 200-09E Serial number HE 06-1969. Just serviced unit with fuel nozzle and cleaning. (Fuel filter previously changed) Did NOT test just before service but it ran well about three weeks prior. PROBLEM: Unit will not ignite. INDICATIONS: Initiate start sequence by turning on Diesel rocker switch. The Green light by switch comes ON, blower starts. No ignition. No smell of diesel fuel from exhaust . Control panel shows no red lights but shows Green LED's in Diesel Burner Status, Pump #3, and Heating status. After about 20 to 25 seconds, green light in interior rocker switch turns off. All the illuminated LED's go OFF on control panel -- blower runs for another 2.to 3 minutes, and cuts off. New diesel fuel. NOTE: Seems control panel and diesel switch lites go OFF at the same time that there should be ignition and fuel started. This unit does NOT have a safety switch on the cover. The red light indicating low coolant warning is NOT on. Fuel tank is full. Thanks for any advice.
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