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  1. Henry D. Bott

    U.S. Navy

    22 Years and a few months

    RMC (Radioman Chief Petty Officer)

    Communication equipment repair, Instructor RM "A" and RM "B" schools.

    Stationed on 13 Different ships mostly destroyers.

    Mostly on the west coast, Vietnam 1966 to 1968 PBR Squadron commander

    I have been out longer now than i was in and I am getting very long in the tooth but my wife and I still like to vacate good ol Utah in the winter

    and head south.

    smooth seas and following wind to all my uniformed brothers

    May the wind be at your back Chief

    Retired 1972 I understand long in the tooth

  2. Hello. We are Jim and Nina. Our ride is a 1994 Fleetwood 34J Bounder. Runs good, looks good.

    Had the Bounder almost three years now. Nina and I travel with our buddy JJ, a 15 pound beautiful, hard-headed Dachshund.

    Nina is retired after 31 years with DOW Brands. I retired after 20 years of service in the U.S. Navy, Chief Petty Officer.

    After retirment I bought a truck and we hauled frieght to all 48 states and Canada. Now we are both relaxing and traveling as we want.

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