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  1. Hi I have an '87 31' Southwind Eagle on a P30 chassis. I had steersafe installed right after I was blown at least 3 feet onto the edge of the highway by a strong wind gust in Eastern Washington. It has made a tremendous difference in the steering. I would recommend it .............Good luck, Jerry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sea ya!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  2. Hi, have you lubed the pivots on you step. The step, in out '87, got cranky and I found it had never been lubed. They should be lubed about every 30 days [factory] if your using it a lot. It'll make a lot of difference. Before you try pulling out the step i would suggest you disconnect the power, and the link. That's a powerful motor and it could hurt or injure you. We also had a fussy door switch which I finally had to replace as well.........Good luck, Jerry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sea ya!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  3. Hi I have a '87 Southwind Eagle with an Onan 6.5 gen set. I need to exercise the gen set during the winter lay-up here in the Northwest (Seattle/Kirkland Wa). I've lost both of my roof airs due to nonuse and don't know what I can use to put enough load on the gen set before I lose it, too. We haven't used the mh at all for the last few years (just fixed and replaced a lot of stuff). I keep getting it ready to go, in spring, but it never seems to happen. I do need to take care of it. We have a boat also, which tends to get priority in the summer. Any ideas on exercising would be appreciated. Thanks. Jerry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sea ya!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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