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  1. I am a two week old Rver and as much I appreciate advice from all my new friends, I am confused about the signs on the road about "Hazardous Material Vehicles", "Tunnels" and my responsibilities or duties as a driver. Driving my new rig from Florida to Torrance, California has giving me more experience, but as I was driving in Alabama and Arizona, I encounter a "Tunnel" and "A hazardous Material zone" which in both cases I panicked and took the detour. Some of you are probably laughing by now, but when you are new and dealing with size, weight and length of your new toy and your wife as the co-pilot, it is simply "terrifying" to say the least. I heard so far: (1) Check your local law. (2) Call DOT (lol). (3) This rule does not apply to us (RV's). (4) We don't carry enough propane to make it dangerous or illegal (5) Just watch for the tunnel clearance, that's all. (6) Turn of the propane. Can someone, please provide reading materials or provide me with an answer that will help us be safe on the road? Thank you, Phil & Cindy Benonguia
  2. I am new Rver and while driving from Florida to Torrance California in my new rig I had a small issue, but at the time it was an emergency to me. --- My rear tires needed air (76 psi instead of 82) so I drove to a gas station, only to find out I could not put air due to the air valves being behind the hub cap. I was taking air out instead of putting it in --- tried many times, but I just couldn't do it. I called "Good Sam" (first time using it) and all I heard is what they "couldn't" do. I asked for their assistance in sending someone to help me put air in my tires and they proceeded to tell me that the first tire is free and the others I needed to pay. I called my dealer specialist, but he just said to play with the valve. --- Being a newbie and driving a vehicle that you know nothing about it is very intimidating. I called a local shop who told me to go to a Loves Truck shop, that they would help me. I did! And I am happy to report, that even though they do not work with RV's, they had to removed the hup caps and then they were able to inflate my tires. --- I don't feel confortable with God Sam's membership. Before my next trip I will do my research and use the one with the right attitude and sense of urgency from their members.
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