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  1. Herman, thank you to you and the other members who have replied thus far. UPS says my dish will arrive tomorrow, my coach is going in the shop Friday for DUE BILL issues so as soon as I get it back I will attempt to do the installation with info provided by all of you. Thanks Bruce
  2. Sorry Bill I mis-spoke the Rayzor is already installed and working . I have not yet installed my satellite Dish.
  3. Bill, The trav'ler was / is already installed and working. I trying to figure out where the best place to mount the satellite dish is. I was told that there is already wiring for that as well, I can see the labeled cables in the cabinet in the coach so next I will climb on the roof and see where / if they come out some where. my guess is somewhere near where the trav'ler wire go's into the coach roof.
  4. Hello Bill, Thank you for the information, that helps. ultimately I am trying to connect 4 TV's that are preinstalled
  5. Thank you Herman, My wife let me buy my coach as a retirement gift which will be February 2018. My Coach came with a winegard Razor preinstalled and the dealer informed me that the coach is prewired for satellite. I have decided on a dish HD system and I placed and order from camping world for a travler 1000 and 2 wallys with dvr upgrades. My coach is a Winnebago grand tour, can you tell me the best place to mount the dish and also is there power available on the roof or will I need to run some? I searched youtube hoping to find an installation video specific to my coach but I haven't had any luck. Bruce
  6. Has anyone install a dish hd traveler 1000 on a Winnebago grand tour with the Matrix hdmi 4x4 box?
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