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  1. Herman, I am not sure what that means.. It appears I haven't been back to this forum in a while as I just saw this. -Bill
  2. I am wondering about this. If the fridge is in AC mode and he is unplugged from Shore-power, is the inverter creating that 120 volts to power the fridge? The AC heaters for an absorption fridge use a lot of amps. Could that explain the voltage drop on the house battery's? I reread thru the thread and couldn't find any info on his fridge.
  3. I am using an ancient KingDome 9702LP satellite dome with only 1 LNB and receive HD signal on probably 25 channels from Dish Network. I normally point to the satellite @ 119 where my locals are. Satellite @ 129 has lots more HD channels but I almost never re-point to that one. Maybe the issue above with with DirectTV? Cause Dish has no issues with HD. They have lots of other issues, but not with reception.
  4. I personally think the Project Fi phone is very inexpensive. I keep the mobile data portion turned off unless there is nothing else to use and I need to access the internet right then. That keeps my bill at $22 a month for the phone. Most of the year I am in San Diego and it works great there. As I said in a previous post, it wasn't too good when traveling around the US. If there was a way to force it to use WiFi (from one of my hot-spots) it would be awesome. Unfortunately the folks at Project Fi says that's not possible.
  5. We just got back from a 5 month trip around the US. My wife's sprint phone for all practical purposes never had service unless we were in a city. My T-Mobile hot spot almost never had service unless we were very close to a city, and we don't normally camp close to cities. My AT&T hot spot had service 99.9% of the time. I believe only one overnight in New Hampshire had no AT&T service. I canceled my T mobile $50 a month plan when we got back last month. And purchased the fmca Verizon $50 a month hot spot as a replacement for the T mobile. To bad it's not the same price as the Connected Car Mobley, which is a truly Unlimited Data plan if you aren't in cities much. 80GB a month from that was average over the last 6 months and never a slowdown. We use a lot of data so we always want a backup solution. -Bill
  6. I just got back from a 5 month trip around the US attempting to use my project Fi phone, it did not have service all to often for me. Works great in the cities, but we rarely camped in a city. My ATT Mobley worked 99% of the time no matter where we were! I was VERY impressed, including 24x7 streaming from our out the front windshield camera. The FI phone seemed to use the ATT hotspot for calls sometime, but not as often as I think it should have. And there appears to be no way to force it to use Wifi for calling. I did find an app to force the phone to any of the other carriers when I had no signal, but often the other two carriers had no signal either. I am keeping the ATT $20 a month unlimited and canceled my T-Mobile (completely freaking useless most places we camped) and purchased the new FMCA Verizon offering. Here is where we went...
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