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  1. OK folks, I currently use the wifi at campgrounds but have run into speed problems. FMCA has two plans, a Verizon jet pack and the Sprint. Sprint is a 4LTE+3G with unlimited and without slowing you down at 25GB. The Verizon plan is not unlimited and will slow you down after you exceed your plan limits. I have been a Sprint customer since 2001 on my cell phone without having any problems with phone calls as phones will now rout to any tower when making a call, but data requires a sprint tower within range. My question, has anyone used the sprint plan? What sort of coverage have you been getting? I will be doing the Lewis & Clark trip next summer and was thinking to purchase one of the two plans for my travels but can't decided on which one. Does anyone have any experience with both? Has anyone used the sprint plan? Joseph Allegro RED 2010 36QSA
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