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  1. I'm looking at upgrading my class A diesel pusher. Looking at Winnebago Tour vs Newmar Ventana or Mountain Air. Probably 2014-2016 models. Any advice or recommendations? I've found lots of info on the Newmar but not many reviews for the Winnebago Tour models. Looking at the plant tours online it almost looks like the Winnebago is more of an automated plant which leads me to believe there is more of an automobile type construction. Newmar is more hand made which could lead to "was it built on Monday or Friday" type questions. I need your help and advice. Thanks.
  2. Anyone have any great ideas where to winter Sarasota or further south without spending your life savings? Going around middle of December and leaving around end of February. May just have to spend a couple thousand a month but wow that's pretty high for a camp spot plus electric.
  3. I hope it works, I called RV Cams and they knew just what I had and was talking about. I have a 2003 Western Alpine class A with a RCS70 back up camera that just went out. They have a RCS70 monitor and camera replacement kit that uses existing cable. It costs $563, I'll report back when it arrives on how easy it is to install.
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