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  1. I always think that my membership dues make a very small contribution to a great big bowl of help to those in rare cases that might need it. For example, my wife does not drive our coach. Right now I’m in Pecan Riverside RV Resort in San Marcos TX. That’s 150 some odd miles from home. If I get sick or worse, she can get in the toad, drive home, and FMCA will send someone who knows what they’re doing to drive our coach home. That’s priceless! Come on folks it’s $25. That’s nothing! The information we get from this forum is worth the whole $75. The only affiliations I have with FMCA is my membership. This is just my humble opinion. “In all things, give thanks”. Paul
  2. Even if your truck would handle it, you will never be happy with it. You will be happy with a 1ton diesel dually.
  3. I don’t think us older folks are the commercial targets. The game was great if you like really good defense. I was not surprised about who won. Brady is the best whether the ball is full of air or not!😃 Paul
  4. I agree with Herman about Charlotte Plummer’s and I think it is actually in Fulton. If you like seafood your in the right place. It’s hard to find bad seafood in that area. In Corpus Christi the aircraft carrier you can tour is the USS Lexington. Have fun! Paul
  5. 3dognights, I use the ready brake and I have a 2003 Monaco Windsor 40’ towing a Saturn Vue. It works just fine. The Vue weighs 3680#. If I were towing something a lot heavier I would probably go with G&S. Paul
  6. Byron, That’s good news! Thanks for the update. Paul
  7. Blakelyfamily, Usually the owners manual has detailed instructions under “Recreational towing”. When I bought my toad I had the owner take photos of that section (several pages) and text it to me. It was really simple once you read it. You will know then if it suits your needs. Good luck Paul
  8. Byron, i will be on my knees tonight lifting up both you and Betty! Stand strong. 🙏 Paul
  9. My toad is a 2008 Saturn Vue. I fold down the 2nd seat and put an unmounted tire in the back of it. I don’t like that setup but it’s better than not having a spare. When we get where we’re going I leave it in or take it out depending on how much driving we’re going to be doing. Not the best but it works. I’ve been hoping someone would come up with a real good idea to solve the problem. Still hoping!🤞 Paul
  10. Ditto’s Rich and Manholt. I’m just thankful that I’m not walking in their shoes! It’s only by the grace of God that that’s not me. 🙏 Paul
  11. A Demco Excali-bar came with the 2003 Monaco I bought so I bought a Saturn Vue and put a Demco base plate on it (which required way to much drilling) and I can hook it up and be gone in 5 minutes. Although it takes me about 10 minutes to check and recheck that I have it all right. 🤪 Paul
  12. It seems like the unintended consequences of a law are often worse than the problem it was originally intended to solve. Maybe that’s just me!🤷‍♂️ But back to the important subject. I get in trouble from DW for what I say and in just as much if I don’t say anything!🤪 Paul
  13. Herman, I think that goes for way more than just rv’s!🤔 Paul
  14. Wayne, Are you thinking they will come repair it at no charge?🤷‍♂️ Paul
  15. Mine is a Shoreline Reel model 5036. Here are the details Paul
  16. That’s the one I was looking for. I couldn’t find it so I bought a rectangular one and installed it. I wish I had been a little more patient until you posted this one. It works much better than the one I replaced it with. 🙄 Paul
  17. Try this: SUPCO FCR6 Heating and AC Fin Comb https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004XS1SHY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_LjUpBbTSYN7 Paul
  18. John Delmatoff is the man I got it from. He said his son makes them. They’re plastic and it fits and works. The original gear had moved down the shaft about 1/4”. He said this one would not. I don’t know if it will or won’t. It works now and I’m good with that. Thanks for the heads up! Paul
  19. Well I guess it’s just ignorance on my part. I think this is a fairly common problem with those reels and no one had suggested Home Depot, Loews or Amazon. I think $80. is pretty steep but not compared to the price of a new one and I was thinking that was my option. The good news is that it is now installed and working. 🤷‍♂️ Thanks Paul
  20. I thought I should include the photo. This is what you get. Paul
  21. Brett, i went to the post you mentioned. I sent John an email asking if he had the gear. He replied that he did and ask for my phone number so he could call me. He called the next day and said if I would send him a check for $80. he would send me the gear and 10 rivets. I sent the check and he sent the gear and rivets. I got them today and installed them and now my Shoreline Reel works. It all worked our perfect. Thanks for the help! Paul
  22. I’m with you Brett. I keep mine clean and dry. I’m about to buy a new shoreline reel because I don’t know where to get those plastic replacement gears for the old one. There was a post on here about someone that makes them but I don’t know how to contact him if he even still makes them. It has never worked since I’ve owned the coach. Thanks for your help. Paul
  23. Thanks kaypsmith. That’s what I’m looking for!👍 Paul
  24. Herman, l can’t find one like the one that is in there now. It is round with a screw in lid and has rollers to guide and reduce the friction when retracting the cord. Shoreline Reel has one that is a 4”X5” rectangular hatch. That means I would have to cut the hole out which I’m trying to avoid. Surely someone still makes the round one with rollers! Wouldn’t you think so?🤷‍♂️ Paul
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