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  1. F454258

    valve stem cores

    Thanks to everyone who responded. I bought the ‘cool tool’ with the handle when I bought these. i guess I’m good to go. I spent 40 on the road in sales and have always been very careful with tires and pressure.
  2. F454258

    valve stem cores

    I have had issues with air loss on the LF tire of my 2014 Bounder. I use a TPMS which must be removed to check/change pressure. I also must use an extender to allow the monitor to attach. Lately the valve core has been sticking. Last time I had to remove it and re inflate the tire. I had purchased replacements on the road. Basically the OE core was bent and wouldn't hold pressure. I used a replacement from NAPA. The plastic band on the original was black, the new one red. Is there a reason for the colors ? Am I safe ? I have talked to a commercial tire store and various auto parts stores. All say they is no difference. ?? Thanks in advance.
  3. F454258

    Air Compressor

    I have a Class A, 97 psi and use a Vair from Amazon. I think it is a 470. It runs off the battery (with motor running) and does a great job.
  4. F454258

    Tire Air Pumps

    Sorry autocorrect, Vair.
  5. F454258

    Tire Air Pumps

    I use a Baird 12v compressor on the road. Works well, very easy to stow. Bad news, have to run the engine. My Mikita home compressor shows 125 lb output on the gauge, but will not pump more than 90 lbs of pressure. How large a compressor, in pressure, do I need to inflate to 100 lbs. tyia
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