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  1. Just replaced my ECO filter for the second time in 4 years with a CAT C7 on a Damon Tuscany 2007 RV. One trip down a gravel road, pulling a bike trailer will fill it up in less than 15 minutes. It takes about 1 hour if you have 5 inch risers to put under back dual tires and cost me $65.00 in Canada at Freighliner.
  2. I have an '07 Damon Tuscany 40-foot diesel RV. This is my third summer and after rinsing out the antifreeze, filling the HWT, turning on the gas, it lights up fine, but only lukewarm water comes from all taps. Checked for HWT air lock, shut-off valves in wrong position, lots of water pressure in both pump and city source.
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