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  1. March and April 2012, we will be in southeast/east Arizona, Tucson, Phoenix, Apache Junction, and north towards the four corners area. any recommendations as to where to stay and things/places to do and see? We will be in a 43' motorhome with toad.
  2. We would like to spend a couple of weeks in eastern Arizona. Does anyone have input as to where to stay and "day trip it"? places to see? etc.. We will be in the area around the end of March and first of April... hope it's not to hot.
  3. HueyPoe.... go for it... we traveled Tok to Dawson City in June of 2008... it was a dry day, dealt with the dust... Ferry was no problem at all, first come first served (except commercial vehicles have priority). There are tour buses and trucks traveling "Top of the World" everyday. We took our time (6 rigs), left early, took our time, and had a great time. We had 30' trailers, 39' foot motorhomes in our group and everyone of us had a great time... would do it again in a heart beat. I had heard that if the road is wet it may be slippery, but rigs travel it everyday. You will regret it if your don't do it!
  4. I have another question about the appliances that have been normally propane run in the past. The electric stove tops, how efficient are they? How does one of these heat? How hot do they get and how fast to they get to temp? Is the propane stove a better appliance? It seems that if I were to have a propane tank for just the propane stove and oven, it would be easy to boondock for a week or two without running out of propane. I'm just not yet sold on an electric stove top?? I believe that the aqua-hot systems that run on diesel (water heater and furnace) appear to be fairly efficient?? The residential style frigs draw about 3 amps per hour and they appear to be pretty good according to what I've been reading???? Also, from what I've been reading, if I have a large battery bank (6 to 8 six volt batteries) and add additional solar panels (maybe 4 to 6 100+ watt panels) that should give me what I need to boondock and keep generator use to a minimum.????
  5. We are researching coaches to upgrade to a DP. We are finding that several of them are being made "all electric." I'm not sure that an all-electric coach will work for us since we boondock for a week to 10 days at a time. We only boondock for that length of time, maybe 2 to 3 times a year. The rest of the time is spent in parks/resorts. Does anyone have any real-time experience boondocking in an all-electric coach? I understand that the generators will auto start when the battery charge gets to low, but how often does that happen and how long will the gen run to recharge the battery banks? I realize usage, battery capacity, etc., affects the answer, but if anyone has an all-electric coach, your firsthand experience with boondocking would be helpful to me.
  6. I'm researching diesel pushers. I would like some feedback as to the pros and cons of side-mount radiators.
  7. I have my 2008 Southwind in the shop as we speak for this problem. but, as per spec's when we are running the generator, nothing registers on the panel (but the specs say it won't). but when we plug into 50 amp shore power, only the 30 amp lights up on the panel, not the 50 amp. as of now, they have not figured it out.. the 20 and 30 amp lights on the panel work.. one thought is that even though we are hooked into a 50 amp style outlet, it may not be 50 amps and will only register as 30 amp. hopefully the shop will let me know later today what the problem is.
  8. house batteries should be charged by the engine alternator...and the generator, your choice. our '08 Fleetwood charges the house batteries when we travel, generally, we can't get enough charge from our generator via the inverter/charger unless we let the generator run for several hours.
  9. I have an electric awning with wind sensor. When the awning is extended and I happen to start the generator, the awning retracts. This is a real suprise, especially when it's raining. The system seems to be wired wrong! But I'm not a wire detective. It makes no sense to have an awning retract just because you start up the generator. Does anyone know why this may happen or where I might look for help besides a dealer? I do not have an on/off switch for the awning, so I can't shut it off when it's extended.
  10. the RR jack on my '08 Southwind has gotten moisture in the jack brake causing some degree of corrotion. jack will not lower with the other 3 thus causing the leveling system to go into an error mode. my local repair shop says the jack motor needs to be replaced and since the moisture problem is inherient (they say) with this model of Power Gear Jack, they recommended that I replace the other 3 jacks as well. the M/H is still under warranty, but i don't think Fleetwood nor Power Gear will authorize all 4 jacks to be replaced when only one is broken. the mechanic said there are other models of Power Gear or more recent models of the ones I have that are more resistant to moisture and I should go that route. seems odd that i should have to replace something that isn't broken, but......?? has anyone had experience with this product or problem, help needed??
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