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  1. Has anyone replaced a Patio Style Awning motor when the awning is retracted?
  2. Thx in advance for your response's: We have a 2012 Tiffin Open Road, purchased used this year. Not understanding many items on the MH, I had been turning "off" the "house Battery" switch located at the entrance door steps (Do not do so today). When I turn the switch to the "On" position there was not house battery power. I discovered that after I had ran the onboard generator 20-30minutes, the house batteries were at a combined 12.2-13.2 volt tester measurement. The MH voltage indicator also displayed 12.5-13.2 volt. After a couple of two days (non-usage of any AC/DC devices) I had the same issue with the house batteries going dead after a couple of days of non-use, thought maybe I had damaged the two 6 volt batteries which were 3+ years old. Replaced with two new Allstate 6 volts, I'm experiencing the same dead battery issue. After 2-3 days of non-use, I would check the voltage on the new batteries-2.0 combined voltage. I purchased a solar battery tender of which I connected this week, measured power coming to the house batteries after solar battery tender hook-up, all was good. Prior to the solar battery tender hook up to the actual batteries I ran the MH generator to charge the batteries- result, onboard panel indicated 13.9volt, measured with voltage meter, at batteries-combined 13.5volt, two days ago. Today house batteries measure at 2.0 combined voltage same dead house battery issues. I would appreciate any suggestions? thx
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