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  1. You will not regret going to SeaLevel. The only problem I had was the LP gas sensor would read 40% when empty and 125% when full. Needed to add a resistor in the wire from gas tank. Just never thought I needed it. I knew at 50% I better get a fill up.
  2. My experience was good. They gave me several tips about creating pictures and only accepting cash or electronic funds transfer. But I didn't sell it through them. I don't know how many real inquiries they received. They do vet inquiries which means you don't have a lot of calls to answer. I actually sold through Facebook marketplace. I don't remember how many inquiries I had but not many. After about a month, I showed the motor home to a serious buyer. Next day a second. First one couldn't get financing. The second gave me $1,000.00 cash deposit. Two days later, an electronic transfer for full payment. I had accepted a selling price $1,000.00 less than the one suggested by RV Wheelator, but since I didn't have to pay their commission, I netted $1,000.00 more than I would have. I did give him a lot of items that I would no longer need. Spare parts, belts, filters etc. They have done some of their own customizations which is good. The buyer has called me 3 or 4 times asking questions about operating different items. He had RVing experience, but it was using a 5th wheel. So bottom line, good experience with RVWHEELATOR, but didn't sell through them.
  3. Better to be save vs sorry. Ask your insurance company for your insurance specifics.
  4. Has it been tested with another car being towed. May be a problem with the towed. if another towed has the same problem, check to see if hitch is off center that could be the problem.
  5. Koni is what I upgraded to on our 2006 Expedition whice is about the same as the Bounders. Never regretted it. They were still great after about 90,000 miles of usage.
  6. Suggest that you try Signs-R-Us that make custom signs. They have locations across the country.
  7. Many manufacturers of jacks state the engine should be running, so that voltage and current are at maximum.
  8. Agree. You might use the thicker type used for gas lines.
  9. My understanding is that ATF III is downward compatible, but ATF II sn't compatible where ATF III is specified.
  10. Do you know who manufactured your levelers? i had a Coronado that used HWH. If yours are HWH, they recommend their fluid; but automatic transmission fluid as an alternative.
  11. Welcome to FMCA. Hopefully, you will enjoy many years of RVing. We did for 37 years and traveled more than 500,000 miles. Look into chapters in your area or interest. Visit them a join one you like. Many friends will be yours.
  12. FMCA has a partner agreement with FMCA Roadside Assistance. Why not check it out?
  13. Many convenience stores will have a wide lane on the far end away from the store. I use Meijers grocery convenience store for our 39 foot motor home and towing a Chevrolet Equinox. Meijers is Top Tier gas and treated diesel. I avoid Flying J and many other truck stops. Local none interstate stations will usually have lower prices. Us Gas Buddy app to locate and Google Earth to check if you will fit.
  14. You will probably need to check your inverter/charger to be sure the settings are correct for AGM batteries. Some treat lead acid and AGM batteries the same. But check to be sure. i did that for our 2006 Expedition. Should have done it for our first two motor homes. Probably could have saved a lot of cable repair or replacement.
  15. Blue Ox and RoadMaster are both reputable sources for information snd equipment.
  16. It isn't the bulbs or LEDs that are the problem, it is the new computer systems used in newer towables. Our 2019 Chevrolet Equinox was our first that specifically stated to not wire into the manufacturers system. Times have changed over our 38 years. To be sure contact the manufacturer and ask about specifics. RoadMaster and Blue Ox may have specifics, also.
  17. I have not had a Jeep, but several manufacturers recommend to use the added "bulb or LED" to avoid connecting into the original wiring system. One highly rated installer in Elkhart will not use the diode system due to potentially voiding of manufacturer's warranty. I have used both and prefer the added LED system. Suggest you go out to RoadMasters web site and review the different wiring schematics for LEDs. You need to know do the turn signals on your motor home use different lights than brake lights. Same for Jeep. I had to use part of two different schematics and added their power module. Wiring took longer than installing the adapter plates for the tow bar. My auto had 64 screws to remove and reinstall and several special tools to get to the screws.
  18. rossboyer


    I know why Wolf10 doesn’t monitor this forum anymore, but I don’t think it is an item to be discussed here. IMO he was justified to leave. If you want to reach him, I have seen recent posts made by him on iRV2 forum. You are correct in that there has not been very many posts here lately. Maybe the holidays, members are hold up in their winter locations, or not traveling because of the weather problems. Anyway keep in touch, they will return.
  19. Yes, it is. Have you been getting it sent to via email? If not, on Monday call FMCA ask for member services and ask.
  20. And Merry Christmas to you, and may the new year be better for all than 2022.
  21. So many new buyers recently. Maybe they found they really didn't like RVing. Anyway, it is worth asking.
  22. I am guessing that those two batteries were possibly added to power a residential refrigerator.
  23. Some round vents twist to adjust direction and amount of opening. Maybe yours is partially or fully closed.
  24. In 2008 we bought a 2006 motor home with a Cat C7 engine that used coolant with SCA coolant. After draining, I used 48 gallons of distilled water to flush the whole system. I could get full strength Extended Life Coolant from Cat, now only 50/50 mix. Filled 1/2 capacity and the topped off with distilled water. I have driven 123,000+ mikes without any problems. I would change any SCA coolant to ELC.
  25. We are 81, and this past spring we gave it up. Sold motor home November 10th. Great day because we sold. Sad day because we sold. While I probably could have driven a few more years, my wive uses a walker full time. It was just too hard for her to get in and out. It was up to me to pack and unpack. Even though the motor home was parked right beside our garage and shop, it was getting to me. It was time and we both knew it and unanimously agreed to change our lifestyle. I will probably miss it more than she, because I really enjoyed going to conventions and talking to friends we have met over the years. We are in our home, warm and family was here for Thanksgiving dinner. I enjoy cooking for friends and family, but fortunately my wife can and does do the cleanup. Hopefully, you will know when to give it up as we did.
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