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  1. It will be the 2020 Governing Board meeting before they vote to approve the change to three years maximum. The charge of the 2019 Governing Board only requires the P&P Committee to make the change, but the Since it is a Governing Board approval P&P, the Governing Board must vote on the exact change.
  2. While we can only guess because we don’t know what engine, chassis and year and model, I think that that swing is reasonable. From your description, looks as though the fan and thermostat are working well. Just the fact that the temperature does come down indicates to me that the cooling system is working as it should.
  3. Seven Corners was asked about providing our members individual coverage. They declined. Also, the Governing Board directed the P&P committee to change registrations to be a maximum of three year renewal.
  4. I don’t think it for any of us to say what one wants or should buy. I have a CB in my that I probably haven’t used in two years, but I thought I really needed it.
  5. True for mine also. I have a switch left of driver’s seat to turn them on. There are no individual switches for those.
  6. I have a different motor home that has one switch, but each light has its own switch. Even if the ‘master’ switch is on each light can be turned off individually.
  7. Actually, the fuse holders I was referring to has one large fuse to power the buss for three others, but not all are the same.
  8. I have seen the fuses inside either the rear most or second from the rear storage bins on either side. They may be mounted to the side of the bin or the outside mounting column. If I remember correctly, they are 20 amp fuses.
  9. Yes, they do go between the sewer threaded pipe and the threaded adapter that connects to the sewer hose. Either the red or orange adapter will work with either of the PVC fittings. The smaller, 3”, will slip straight into an unthreaded sewer pipe and is tight enough to not need a donut.
  10. I made mine from PVC fittings for 3” & 4”. Also, creates trap to reduce sewer gas.
  11. Actually, good or great quality doesn’t cost. The cost for warranty work is as much as three times what it would have cost to do quality work before the product leaves the manufacturer.
  12. Having taken the Newmar factory tour three times, the first one was while workers were assembling motor homes. I saw three workers spraying glue on the rear end cap and a bat of fiberglass insulation. When they place the insulation on the end cap, it fell down. The same thing happened three times. They gave up and closed and attached the end cap. There wasn’t any insulation from the floor up. Until really cold weather know one would know. So I have never considered Newmar motor homes to be quality built.
  13. They have decided to move on to a towable because of the total yearly cost to operate. Thank you for the responses.
  14. Melanie went to three seminars related to quilting. Surprise Surprise. I did get to two seminars. Otherwise, I was so busy I didn’t have time to visit with as many attendees as I would have liked to do.
  15. I carry two sets of fuel filters. I can replace a set and still have a spare set in case I really run into bad fuel. The primary isn't bad to replace, but the secondary is under the bedroom floor. 4 screws and lifts easily. I have a web belt wrench that uses a 3/8ths extension and ratchet. Where the new filters are stored, I carry a plastic 2# coffee can to catch the filter as I remove it.
  16. My son is looking at a used 2000 Newmar Mountain Aire 3767 that is 37.5 feet long. They have not seen it yet, but think it has a gas engine. What are the pros and cons besides age?
  17. Mine is from Illinois and I live in Indiana. Works for the north and east section of US Also have a Pike Pass for Oklahoma because we travel to the southwest yearly.
  18. FMCA contracts with VAS to provide the FMCA Roadside Assist. In turn VAS contracts with the multitude of answering services. FMCA really is not involved unless you have problem with the provider.
  19. He said 3,000 answering operators across the country that do the answering for roadside service providers.
  20. I called FMCA Roadside Assistance on New Year’s Eve for a failed door lock. Could not get in. Took about 1-1/2 hours for the locksmith to arrive and 20 minutes to fix. I am sold on using FMCA. The president of VAS when making Roadside Assistance seminar at Chandler stated there are 3,000 that answer for all road assistance providers. If you call and are not getting the response you expect, hang up and call again. Some of those 3,000 are great and some are not.
  21. I have removed the Air Force One from my 2011 Equinox and installed it on my new 2019 Equinox. The 2019 requires a charge line. The 2011 didn’t. I have towed the 2019 about 1,500 miles without any problems. Wiring the light system takes longer to install than the Air Force One.
  22. rossboyer

    tire covers

    MagneShade made these covers for me. I like the twist latch’s, not snaps $320 I had a 3-1/2” open hem in the bottom I cut 1” pvc pipe, capped one end, filled with sand and capped the other end
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