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  1. Thanks, that reassures me. I'll fix the old one, then. Much cheaper than new WH ;-) . And flush it, too.
  2. I think this is stll on topic, as it has drifted. What about the brass over-pressure valve? Or, does it have a plastic sleeve?
  3. Thanks all for the responses! Yes, I am somewhat a newbie to FMCA, but not to RVing. @wolfe10 One of my concerns is if the tank's integrity has been compromised by <=15y of galvanic action. @DickandLois @WILDEBILL308 @bm02tj I will take your advice if/when it becomes apparent that the threads need chased. BTW, would a standard nylon plug from ACE serve as well, or is Atwood using a special high temp version?
  4. I am posting this to attract the attention of wolfe10 whose posts indicate he really knows this topic. All others are invited to reply, as well. My used 2003 Southwind came with an Atwood GC10A-3E water heater, which worked OK. Being of a cautious nature, I decided that I ought to replace the anode rod, not realiz..ing at that time that Atwoods did not require and could be damaged by one. When I pulled out the drain petcock, there it was, an almost eaten away anode rod of unknown age. Apparently, one of the two previpous owners had installed it at some time unknown to me. Anyway, my question is, could this have sufficiently damaged the tank that it should be replaced? Assume that the rod's fitting was steel.
  5. Does anyone out there know what Panasonic home theater system Fleetwood put the 2003 Southwind 36T? I would like to find a pinout for the cabling. The previous owner appears to have removed the units themselves but left the speakers. Sorry, I mistyped the year.
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