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  1. This relatively recent first time Class A Newmar Ventanna LE 3412 motorhome owner is seeking information regarding obtaining the Non Commerical Class B license required in North Carolina. (a) Has anyone recently obtained this license?; (b) What sections of the CDL manual do you need to study?; (c) Can you take the written exam first and then followup with the driving test portion? Thought that might be helpful since it's my understanding that someone with a valid Class B license or higher must drive my motorhome to the driving test facility. No reason for someone wait for me to take the written test; if it can be avoided.; (d) Where did you take the written and/or driving exam (I live in the Cary, NC area)?; (e) Any particular testing areas I need to concentrate on more than others in preparing?; and lastly (e) Any thoughts on where I might find someone to accompany me (drive my unit) to the driving test? Any help is Greatly appreciated!
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