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  1. Does FMCA have any figures on what percentage of it's members travel with dogs? Perhaps if RV parks were made aware of the number of possible users they are chasing away with high pet fees imposed on us they would make them more reasonable or adopt a refundable pet deposit fee structure. I recently stayed at Wine Country RV Resort in Paso Robles, CA where they charge $3/nite/pet and I won't stay there again unless absolutely necessary. :-(
  2. I would like to see one that shows restricted roads. For example, the New Jersey parkways along the Hudson River allow only cars. No RV's. Our gps program made specifically for RV use routed us onto these roads. We were too busy to check the FMCA road map so I don't know how it handles this problem. Certainly the Trailer Life software should be better.
  3. Having a budget that limits you to 10 yo rigs isn't really that bad. Sure, some things might be about to wear out but most of the manufacturer bugs have been worked out. We bought a '97 Safari Sahara, 36', Cat 300 hp, Allison transmission and have put 40,000 miles on it with only some minor problems. I would estimate all the repairs over the last 40,000 miles and 4 years amount to less than $1000. Compare that to the increased taxes, fees, and especially depreciation of a new or newer rig. I am happy not haveing slide outs. I am happy keeping the costs reasonable. btw, 9 to 10 mpg if I keep the speed in the 55 - 60 mph range.
  4. If the transmission does downshift automatically when the pacbrake is activated, check to insure the valve is activated. It should be moved a full 90 degrees to block exhaust gas. On my rig everything seemed to work but be pacbrake didn't slow the vehicle any more than manual downshifting. The culprit was an exhaust leak through the exhaust manufold gasket. Replacing the gasket fixed the problem. But is just learned TODAY, that the shop that did the work re-used the manifold bolts and also didn't lock the lock washers properly. I learned my lesson. Have the specialist at the Cat engine people do the job, not an independent.
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