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  1. Welcome to the forum and I can highly recommend joining a local chapter. Since you are from Cape Cod, I would suggest the Cape Codders Chapter. We do several rally weekends not far from The Cape each summer. See the chapter directory for contact information and rally schedule. I hope to see you this summer at a rally!!!
  2. If you have a Winegard multi-input selector box, the batwing antenna must be directly connected to the switch box since it provides the power to run the amplifier in the antenna head. I purchased a Winegard Ditigital convertor. I added it into the "VCR" loop from the switch box. The digital convertor box input connects to the "To VCR Input" connection on the switch box and the digital convertor box output connects to the switch box on the "From VCR Output" connection. This way I can provide antenna signal feed to the convertor box without interfering with the power feed to the antenna. This digital convertor can be set to output on either analog channel 3 or 4. To watch TV now: I set my TV for channel 3 (or 4) then I select antenna as the input to VCR, then select VCR as input to either my front TV or rear TV. I then use the digital convertor remote to select the digital channel I want. If I want to watch a different digital channel on the rear TV, I will need to get a second digital convertor wired into the switch box to rear TV circuit.
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