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  1. Thank you all for the info. Decided on a family member address and keep the mail forwarding service until we see how things go. Will post back if issues at Tax time or anything else. Back to the DMV hope this time won’t take 2 hours
  2. Poor decision, now my story. I have lived in Florida since birth. Recently sold everything bought a class a RV and ready to hit the road. Speed bump. Address!!! used a mail forwarding service in Florida got my DL, Ins, Bank acc. But now with certain bank accts and SS the address is flagged as commercial. :-( So now do I use Escapees in Florida (don't like the Texas mailing address) or a relative (how might that affect them tax wise)? As far as mail very little mostly electronic. The other half had to go in to renew DL and it was a disaster. Since I already made a mistake would like to hear from experienced full time RVers. Most the sites are outdated.
  3. Anyone replace F53 oil filler tube? I have a 2014 and it’s crusty. Thinking about cleaning it but not sure how difficult to do myself.
  4. I have a 2014 Thor Daybreak (new to me) with a 27' slide. Not a fan of climbing up on the roof with the attached ladder (extendable ladder on the wish list). I like the idea of the inflatable raft. Question is with the slide out is it advisable to manually raise the front to drain water? Going to first try this with the slide in, just to see the response of the jacks. My fear is the amount of movement. Love this site.
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