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  1. Wayne: We do have to pay for our electric - 17 KW - but the lights of today do not add that much to the monthly bill and they bring so much to the Spirit of the Season. I won 1st prize in the park again this year but I do not do it for a contest - I do it because I love the effect inside and out. I am honoured that I am recognized for my efforts but that is not the reason behind it - I guess I am just a 68 year old kid at heart. I also need gifts (maybe from the $$$ Store) wrapped and under the tree - our tree is an artificial one by the way. Many pople in the park decorated this year so the parade was beautiful. I have one small storage pod and part of a big one to stow Christmas stuff between seasons. See all my Pics are here... http://picasaweb.google.com/rv.lifetstyle.consultants Susie That light display in Chula Vista is gorgeous. Too bad for the liquid sunshine. When it rained real hard in south Texas this Dec I did not turn the outside ones on. The RVers in these pictures have done a superior job, I am proud of them for doing it and more so for sharing on the forum. Happy 2010 Everyone.... P&J Visit My Website F71504 (In 2010 We're into our 25th year of F/T)
  2. I can not believe that others have not participated in this contest. Now that my 2009 decor is finished I am adding a few more here, I see decorated Motorhomes in RV Parks. Come on guys send in your Pics, Merry Christmas All P&J www.rvliving,net
  3. Hey Guys I am a Christmas Junkie and I love gift wrapped presents ( maybe from the $$$$ store). I do not care what they are as long as I can open suprise gifts. Soooooo to keep the season going I decorate big time. I am not finished this year yet. It has been cold and wet in Texas the past few days. In the meantime here is a momento from Dec 2004. Enjoy my lights if you do not like to put your own up. FYI Lights stay in place if you use the large suction cups, They do not mark the surface either. The picture of my Dogs are from last year. We have a Mom 'Matilda' (Matt 9 years) and her kid 'Bratilda' (Bratt 4 years). She is a brat but we love her anyway. The third picture is 'Mrs Santa' - my Hughes.net Satellite Dish. taken in 2005 at Indian Line Campground, Ft Myres, Florida. Merry Christmas all, P&J
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