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  1. Thanks Kaypsmith all battery connections were cleaned and verified earlier on the same day that I then became disabled in WV.
  2. Thanks for the input DickandLois. Once home I started to troubleshoot. Just idling at home and stationary the "Silverleaf" gives 2 to 3 readings per cycle (going through mileage, ft lbs, rolling mileage etc and of course voltage). So in one short cycle it might be 13.8/13.6 next cycle 12.7/13.8/11.1 next cycle 13.8/14. After each one of these cycles I went to the battery and put my multi meter on and read voltage at the terminal as 14.1, 14.09 and 14. So it would seem that the alternator is giving a stable charge to the battery even though the the "Silverleaf " indicates a variation. The alternator was replaced June 25 2018 so I wouldn't expect it to be defective after a short service period but I have been told by the mechanics that they can be bad right out of the box. You asked about rough road surfaces and the last 350 miles, which was the distance home, after leaving the truck repair center varied from rough interstate to excellent smooth interstate with the cycles of the "Silverleaf" functioning no differently than the stationary test mentioned above with the exception that I was running my generator to power the AC. I have uploaded a video of a couple of cycles of the "Silverleaf" with engine idling in the driveway. To show the Voltage fluctuation. VID_20190725_165028823.mp4
  3. I have a 1996 Beaver that has a "Silverleaf" computer monitoring system. Recently while going through WV I hit a dip in the road (at about 50mph) and within 30 miles I was sitting at the side of the road disabled. Now the dip may or may not have anything to do with it. I was towed to a truck repair and final diagnosis was power to the ecm and a new line was installed as they could not find the break or bad wire. So I am looking for a response preferably from Beaver owners with a "Silverleaf" monitor for the following question. The "Silverleaf" gives continuous readouts on various items but the one of concern is Voltage. After I left the truck repair and was continuing on my way I noticed my voltage readouts fluctuating from anywhere between 11.1 to 14.1 and in fact through one cycle I might see 12.7, 13.8, 11.1 then next cycle might be 12.4, 12.7, 12.4 and next cycle 13.8, 14. I have no recollection of this happening earlier in the trip or on previous trips. Another factor to note is that 13 months ago the alternator was replaced. At that time I found out that the Allison transmission won't shift if battery is not supplying sufficient voltage. (last year voltage was charging as low as 8.9V before new alternator). So my question for "Silverleaf" Beaver owners. Is this normal? Does your voltage readout fluctuate like this or do I have a problem? I might add that there is also an analog gauge on the dash for voltage and that appeared to read steady at a little over 13 volts and would not fluctuate unless I turned lights on and then it would drop to a little over 12. Thanks for your thoughts.
  4. Thanks for the response. It has a caterpillar 3126 diesel engine on a Magnum chassis. I did find the plate you mentioned and it states 255/70r/22.5 front and rear so I guess I will go with 6 new 255/70R/22.5. Thanks for your input, I appreciate the response. Mike
  5. I had an Itasca gas with 19.5 inch tires that I owned from 2010 until bought a "new" to me motorhome June 2017. The Itasca had brand new tires in 2010 so I never had the pleasure of deciding on new tires. Well it is time! My Toyo M120 255/70R/22.5 front tires were manufactured 4209 and 0110 The 4 rear Toyos are M140 at 275/70R/22.5 and dates are on the inside but are older than 2010 for sure. All tires still look great both tread and sidewalls but before I do my next 3000 mile trip I think I should replace. My question is front tires are different width than back. Should I stay with same sizing for these positions? Or one size for all positions and if so which size? Vehicle is a 1996 Beaver Patriot Trenton with Caterpillar engine. Any Beaver owners know what it came from the factory with?
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