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  1. I installed a SUMO I softener. It is the smallest one I have found. There is a SUMO II and Sumo III if you have the space. The SUMO I is only 9.3" wide and fits perfectly between my basement slide and the wall to the utility hook-ups. It is NON-ELECTRIC and recharges on demand according to the settings you program into it. There is no clock so it will recharge when it needs to. You can start it manually to minimize the chance of it going into bypass mode at an inconvenient time. The control is by Kinetico. It is small capacity but fine for the two of us. Discharge hose is just a small plastic hose that dangles out of the bay door when parked. I cycle it when we hook up and am careful not to discharge onto nice grass. Gravel sites are preferred. I do not like the idea of hooking the discharge line to the sewer system where contamination might occur. I ran in-and-out lines internally so it is stationary in the basement. The campground water goes through an inline filter and then into the softener. Be sure to remember to put the discharge line outside the coach when you are parked.
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