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  1. Jim, You have to turn the key to unlock the steering wheel so the front tires can turn as you make turns. What I always did with my Taurus was turn key clockwise and put transmission in neutral and then turn key counter clockwise until it stopped. This unlocked the steering and key was in correct position. You have a couple of options with the battery. You can run a hot wire from the coach to the car battery which will keep the battery charged or you can add a battery quick disconnect to the battery. For a quick solution so you can continue your trip I would disconnect the negative battery cable for now.
  2. I have been thinking about this since I seen these numbers and just maybe it is time for FMCA's executive board to consider discontinuing the national conventions and combining some of the area conventions to eliminate some of the expenses such as the travel expenses of the executive board members and area rally expenses.
  3. Thanks mrboyer that is all that I asked for. Yes times have changed but we haven't (FMCA).
  4. Thanks for the response but it is blank. All I am asking for is a general report of the attendance and vendors. That's not asking for much.
  5. Anyone know about how many member coaches are there? How about vendors are there as many as in some of the past conventions? Just wanting a general idea as to the attendance to compare to past years.
  6. Thanks, Tom and Frank, for the reply, but where is everyone from FMCA National Headquarters in Cincinnati? I would like to hear from them and get their opinion on this subject.
  7. What does everyone think about FMCA posting what goes on at the National Directors meetings on the web site just for FMCA members only to view. I know there are many FMCA members that do not belong to Chapters and many Chapters National directors do not make the meetings and personally I think posting the Business meeting minutes on the web would be most beneficial.
  8. I guess no one attended the meeting or is it a big secret?
  9. Did anyone attend the business meeting? If so, what went on?
  10. Anyone at the Madison Convention? How about a report on the happenings at the Convention.
  11. Lynsay, thanks for coming to this forum and commenting about these problems. The above quote is your biggest problem, as I had said in my e-mail to your customer service department. Again, thanks. JC Barnett
  12. This is the only logical solution just as you have reciprocal driving license.
  13. Are we getting to be like Good Sam with the JUNK MAIL? I am receiving junk mail from GMAC Insurance Company about every other week. It is time too stop this.
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