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  1. Thanks for the reply, lack of experience with winterization being from SO CAL had me worried. Ended up flying out, 15 degrees when we got there, decided to leave it winterized and deal with it when we got home. All turned out great by the way, a great purchase, and happy to be back on the road again.
  2. Wife and I have found the RV we like, (after renting & much searching) it located in Michigan, we're in So.Cal, it's a 25ft class C on Mercedes Benz chassis. Seems like a good deal, its a 2021 with 500 miles, problem being the weather is not on our side to go get it, it's winterized & stored indoor. Question I have is how to check the house plumbing and workings with it being winterized? I was planning on driving it back to LA, and de-winterizing at home. Is it a good idea to purchase a MH during the winter months with these conditions?
  3. set new tire out in the sun to warm up, then use Dawn dish soap.
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