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  1. I am trying to decide on the best best awning screen for my 2011 Ventana. The awning is a Dometic Weather-Pro about 18 ft long. I have been looking at the Carefree EZ Zipblocker and the Vista Shade. Does anyone have any experience with either of these or any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for commenting. The tires I have are 305/70R-22.5 and I didn't see that size available on the Continental program. The normal prices if be getting between the Toyo and Michelin is basically the savings shown using the Michelin program.
  3. I have a 2011 Newmar Ventana and need to replace the tires based on age of the tires. I checked the date codes and they are from 2008. I have looked at Toyo tires and Michelin tires. Any suggestions between Toyo and Michelin? Where is the best place to get new tires and what tire company in Jax honors the FMCA Michelin advantage program.
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