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  1. I have a 2004 Beaver Monterey laguna class A motorhome. I need to access the hydraulic line in the passenger side rear slide, as the small portion I can see has a bulge in the line. I need to replace this line but cannot find how to access it. Can anybody help me?
  2. yes I do know that most of these post on the Aladdin system are very old posts it doesn't appear that anybody ever figured out what was wrong with their system. Just wanted to put something on here in case someone else was looking for some answers. And all the searching I did on this situation I couldn't find anybody that ever resolved any problem. I just want to get the word out that it can be fixed.
  3. I have a 2004 Beaver Monterey 40 foot. It has the Aladdin system and it but my screen went dark and I couldn't get anything from the Aladdin system or even the backup camera. After much troubleshooting I found a now get out of here bad RCA Connection in the back where the camera is. I also found broken wire for the power to the camera. I took the cable adapter what the RCA fittings on it to a shop and had a new fitting put on. I also fixed the broken power wires. When I turn the system back on I not only got my camera back but the Aladdin system came up as well. If you're having trouble with your Aladdin system or your monitor screen and backup camera be sure to check the wires and cables in the back that go to you're backup camera. You have to take the RCA connector apart to see if it's bad. You also need to check your power wires very close to see if they are tight in the connector .The wires are very small and break easily. Hope this helps you all with your Aladdin systems. Steve
  4. Where did you get the splitter ???
  5. Thanks for the input. I haven't found any splitter or fuses. I think maybe this is all tied in and one of the Aladdin boxes. I think the brains of the system are in the cabinet above the driver's seat. I'm going to take the cover off of it and see if there might be a fuse inside by chance.
  6. Okay I have a similar problem my monitor kind of comes on but with nothing on the screen. I took the camera off the back of the codes and plugged it straight into the Monitor and that works but still no other data from the engine or anything else. If I put the camera back in the back I still don't get any picture. I am looking for fuses so I can check fuses but I don't know where they're at. Technology is great if you know how to use it, fix it and troubleshoot it. Oh yes I thought about running a new cable from back to front but didn't know this all ties in with the Aladdin system .Any help would be appreciated hope I didn't add too much fuel to the fire 🙂
  7. Okay I took the camera off the back and unplugged it and I went up front and plug it into the back of the monitor screen and I get a picture. I used to joystick and the monitor does not respond to anything I do. But I do have a picture on the screen of wherever I point the camera. Any help would be appreciated thanks. Steve
  8. Can I use the monitor for more than just the camera. Will it work for bringing up the engine Diagnostics or tank levels Etc. Thank you so much for your help !!!
  9. I have a 2004 Beaver Monterey Laguna motorhomes. My Aladdin is original equipment in my coach. When I turn my Aladdin on, the screen remains dark, but I can hear engine noise from my backup camera. I can turn my lighten/darken knob and i can lighten/darken the screen some but no other selections respond. The joystick does not respond. I used the reset knob on the Aladdin, and the screen flickered, slightly. Green light above power button remains lighted no matter what I do. Any idea how I can resolve this situation?
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