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  1. I have a 2005 Beaver with the Aqua Hot furnace. The drapes and blinds get a coating of soot like dust. Wiping the windows gets a black soot like material. Is the Aqua Hot suspect? There is no visible soot coming from the exhaust pipe. Any thoughts and has anyone else had this problem?
  2. We have a 2005 Beaver 2005. The engine is a Cat 325HP. After traveling we have a dusting of soot like material on the inside of the windows and curtains. There is not a noticeable odor during traveling. The engine exhaust does not appear to be black or heavy sooty. Has anyone had this issue? And does anyone have any thoughts on the cause?
  3. I have a 2005 Patriot Thunder that had a 37 inch monitor as the TV in the drop down in the living area. I have replaced the monitor with a 42 inch Samsung. Since the old screen was a monitor how do I connect the new TV to the roof antenna and the cable line? The coach has a Sony amp which must also be the old tuner for the monitor, and a Sharp tuner which runs the surround sound and plays the DVD. The sat receiver is new DirectTV and is not HD because of the very small space for the receiver. The HD receiver is too long to fit in the cubbyhole. The coach originally came with the Hughes system which no longer worked. I currently have the new TV connected to the new Sony Blu-Ray with HDMI cable and it works great. The sat reciever is connected to the TV with the tri-cable and it works good. The roof antenna and the shore cable line are next to be connected to the TV. Since I am not now connected to a cable system can I hook a portable antenna to the shore cable connection on the outside of the coach to produce a signal that I can use to find the correct line in the coach?
  4. I may have more problems than just the washer. The coach power turned off and then within seconds back on.This has happened twice this morning. Only one air was running. What would cause the power to switch to battery and back to shore power with minimal load? I wonder if this could be the source of my washer issue?
  5. We have a 2005 Beaver with a Whirlpool washer and seperate dryer. The washer runs through the wash cycle but does not do the final spin. We removed it and had appliance repair check it out . The washer ran perfect in the shop for three days. I put it back in the coach and it does the same thing. Any suggestions? Someone said a poor ground could cause this? Voltage is 116. Could this be a battery problem and how do i check that? I have not tried to run the washer under generator power. Would this test show me anything, and if so what? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I am planning to install wall tile as a backsplash on my 2005 Discovery. I plan to use premixed mastic and stick the tile directly to the paneling. Has anyone done this and what are the potential problems? Thanks Peanut
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