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  1. What are opinions on Travel Supreme DPs?
  2. Thanks everyone for the "food for thought", safe travels to all.
  3. I wouldn't mind finding an older Monaco, I don't mind the higher mileage on a diesel as long as the rest of the coach is in good condition. Will not have a house payment after Dec 2020 so I can probably go as high as 200k, but would like to keep it as low as possible, don't necessarily want to be tied to another mortgage. If I can find a good coach for around 100K that would be great.
  4. Bill, just trying to figure out if I should stop looking at older coaches say before 2005 because of potential problems with them. This is just from a mechanical standpoint, everything else with the coach would also affect the purchase.
  5. Along with the need to know, other than cost is there a limit on how far back one should go as far as year goes? (everything else being equal)
  6. I have no diesel experience so doing my own work is questionable
  7. Thanks for the reply. We have had a 32' class C and a 31 and now 36' Class A. We like or coach but are interested in getting a DP. Thought the tag would be more stable but didn't really know. Fully retired and wanting to start traveling more. Haven't really visited the western states so figured the DP would be better for the mountains. Tow a Ford Edge on a Kar Kaddy pushing 5000 lbs, max for our RV that is also a conern.
  8. Just curious, is there a preference to side vs rear radiator, which one performs better?
  9. I currently have a 36 ft gaser, toying with the idea of going to a DP and I am curious as to what I will need to learn about them. Any help is appreciated. Also any comments about single axle vs tag.
  10. Check these out they are one of several that give you the option of taking trike and car. http://hydralift-usa.com/trike-lift/
  11. Looks like you did a nice job, it looks great!
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