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  1. Since I posed this question I went ahead and added 80mm Noico sound deadening to my front doors, sliding door, behind a few drawers, under the driver and passenger foot wells and to the rear doors. I also changed out the door speakers since the panels were off, but that is besides the point. I had downloaded a decibel app to my phone and had measurements taken at various locations inside the van while cruising at 70 mph on an interstate highway. I got before and after measurements and the result shows a 2-3 decibel reduction pretty much throughout the cabin. While a phone app may not be accurate I assume it would be precise, so that represents roughly a halving of the noise level I believe. Still not as quiet as a Lexus but an improvement!
  2. Has anyone added sound deadening to doors or the driver/passenger cabin floor on the Sprinter and if so, was it helpful? There is lots of information out for sound deadening on Sprinter vans but mostly those are for empty cargo vans, not Pleasureway or Roadtrek type “built out” campers where only the front cabin is addressable. I have not pulled off the panels yet but rather doubt these conversions address this aspect.
  3. Thanks all. It was a tiny chip near the passenger side post, but has grown to a crack at least 8 inches and will grow more I am sure. That price is a shocker but I figured we would expend our full deductible anyway.
  4. Yes, we have a Pleasure Way PlateauFL and it has a shower. Two shower heads, lots of room, two or three can fit at once. Sure, just kidding. It can be used by sitting on the throne like mentioned above, but only my wife has tried it. So far we stay in RV parks with nice showers. Just caught a rock on our trip yesterday. Anyone with experience in replacing a Sprinter windshield? Do the usual companies do it or only Mercedes?
  5. We recently joined FMCA and I just saw this forum. So, now there are at least two class B owners on this string! We bought ours at the 2017 RV show in Tampa and over the last year have taken one 3,000 mile trip out west as well as numerous weekend trips around the southeast (live in Atlanta area). Heading to south Florida tomorrow for a long weekend. My wife and I love it so far...great to drive, easy to park, etc. I even just take it out occasionally like a big van to Home Depot, etc. The best part is we can park it in our garage ( I had to raise the door a bit.) Soon my wife will retire and we can just pick up and go. My twin has a class A so we have gotten some of those “when are you going bigger” questions but no plans for that. Hey, we get 18 mpg and you mostly sit outside at the RV parks anyway. Looking forward to see how many B’s show up in Perry.
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