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  1. The only thing I can think of is drill it and get a roller pin at a hardware store or try epoxying it . The glue is only temporary though
  2. In my Allegro Bus manual it says you can use the dump feature to give you more clearance for a low garage or carport. I don't think you can turn much with it in lower mode. I have the PowerGlide chassis. Not sure which you have but it sounds like you can't if you put it in gear and it raises. Try putting it in gear and hit the dump button.
  3. He was asking about Apps and not GPS units. I have a Garmin RV 785 and a Rand McNally Overdryve 7 I like both. They each have pro's and con's. Both are for sale because my new rv has the Garmin built in.
  4. The only app I know of for a RV is Copilot. There are several online planners but I don't use them.
  5. I believe it is in the freightliner manual for the dash display
  6. Call Freightliner and give them your VIN . . . They'll tell you where it is and what the part # is.
  7. I have never been to a campground that asks for registration to verify year. Mine is a 2010 and have never been questioned. When someone asks the year when making a reservation I tell them it is newer than that.
  8. One adapter and here is another one Adapter
  9. That is their new NORM . . . No one ever calls back . . . They all hide behind voicemail . . . . Worst thing ever invented. I'm still waiting for a call back from 9 months ago about a question I had with Tech Connect . . . No one ever responded. But boy do they want your $$$ at renewal time. By the way I got one of these Jump Box
  10. No apology needed I was just referring to OBD generically. https://www.amazon.com/BlueFire-Bluetooth-Adapter-Motorhomes-Supports/dp/B01CS1HUXI/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2OHU814ENNDHO&dchild=1&keywords=bluefire+for+motorhomes&qid=1629147650&sprefix=bluefire%2Caps%2C172&sr=8-1 Get the 6 pin to 9 pin adapter cable to go with it.
  11. You can get a Blue Fire adapter to plug into your OBD connector and run an app on a cell phone or tablet to tell you what is going on. I had an issue with my Cummins ISL and it told me what was wrong. My crankcase pressure was high due to my crankcase preacher filter needing to be replaced. You can purchase the adapter on amazon.
  12. Sounds like the turbo waste gate is sticking open or possibly the turbo itself is going bad. Maybe a leak in one of the turbo lines. There have been people in other forums with issues with turbo hoses popping off and losing power
  13. Well maybe us 2 members and more should drop our membership because of Herman Mullins.
  14. I think that to get a bath and a half model with a king bed you will need to go to a 42' tag axle. We looked for a 39 or 40' with a bath and a half and didn't find much that suited our needs even though there are only a few out there. I could be wrong.
  15. That is exactly what my son said. He is a mechanic at Cat for 25 years. He said even though it is rare it does happen.
  16. Sounds like a bad head or head gasket causing blow by and water getting into cylinder.
  17. There is also a module that controls the air gauges that goes bad.I remember reading about it on several forum threads.
  18. Ours has no cap and we have NEVER been throttled. We stream all our TV on it and have used up to 500gb a month with no throttling.
  19. Depends on the equipment. If it is a Travellr it can be but you need to buy a conversion kit.. If it is an older dome unit they have dip switches inside to make it go from direct to dish.
  20. So why don't you go traveling and make an appointment with the factory in Red Bay and enjoy the ride there.
  21. It has worked for us everywhere we have been. We went from Texas to Mass and Florida. We use it for TV streaming and have since cancelled Dish TV and use nothing but Youtube TV. Works fantastic!!!
  22. One real nice campground is Village Greene in Brimfield. That is where we stay for several months before we purchased a home in Mass.
  23. Going to Yuma in the summer is like going to Alaska in the Winter . . . WHY??
  24. We use my rv mail out of Florida. Recommended by passport America. very inexpensive and great service. We were with America's Mailbox out of SD but they were always bombarding us with emails we didn't do this right. This piece is being returned for this or that and they always wanted $$$.
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