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  1. Hello Everyone I will be installing new tires soon, have them ordered, and I ask if the tire shop balances the tires he said the do what is called BAG BALANCE. Does anyone know how good that is?
  2. I have a Suburban 10 gal. water heater model sw10 dem There are two switches marked water heater near my control panel and they have always been on. I usually keep the propane taknks filled but now I am out of propane and I wanted to use just the electric for heating the water. That would keep me from having to move the RV but I am not sure if it is working. How can I tell if it is working? How long does it take to heat the water this way?
  3. My question is Can I tow a Mercedes Sprinter Van four wheels down? I have a business that we take on the road and I am thinking of getting a Mercedes Van to carry my product.
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