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  1. The process was to cycle the key eight times, at which time the locks should reset, indicating that the module is ready for programming. Since that did not happen after I cycled the key as directed, I think it is safe to assume that there is no remote access module in the vehicle. And therefore it does not matter which key fobs I am in possession of. So, to persue this seems to require a trip to the Ford dealer. And, I will likely go ahead and spring for a new Fob when I do that. Thanks all for the input.
  2. Yessir. That was the steps I followed, but after cycling the key switch as directed, there was no response, whatsoever from the power locking mechanism. I am presuming this is an indicator that the remote mechanism is non existent. So, I called the local Ford outfit to schedule a visit for next week.
  3. Well, went through the re-program procedure stated in the manual, with no response from the vehicle. Off the the dealer next week.
  4. Well, we have Fobs from an old Town Car that was totaled last year, and thought perhaps we can reprogram them. Off to look at the manual for the rig, and see if it is mentioned. Could it be that simple? ...hmmm.
  5. When I bought my rig(used), I had the HWH levelers installed. They set a lock-out that requires the levelers to be set before the slide will extract. Logic would suggest making sure that the Slides are fully retracted prior to retracting the levelers. I don't ever want to learn what kind of stress might occur as a result of dropping the levelers while the slide is out. Also, HWH manual recommends If the vehicle is equipped with an air suspension, the air must be exhausted from the suspension before leveling the vehicle. If the air is not exhausted, the suspension height control valves will interfere with the leveling procedure. There are two types of air dump systems that HWH controls. One system uses air solenoid valves supplied by HWH. The second system is supplied by the chassis manufacturer. This is a pilot air dump system. The HWH touch panel has a "DUMP" button. The "DUMP" button will only work if the POWER ON light is on. If the vehicle uses the HWH air dump pilot air dump system is used, the engine may be on or off. The "DUMP" button can be pushed and released. The pilot air dump system will return to the travel position if the ignition is on and the "STORE" button is pushed or the park brake is released. Of course your Vehicle Manual may have something that adds to or supercedes that.
  6. I've had the Techconnect Sprint WiFi since June. Yes, it can be a tad spotty. But it has served us pretty well, most of the time.
  7. I've been a AAA member since the early'70s when I drove a tow truck for a AAA contractor in Florida. When we bought our (used)Sundancer from CW, we were "given" a 5 year membership to GS. So far, we have not needed either service for our RV. GS expired this last summer, and I Signed up for FMCA for three years. I haven't used that service yet either. I have read quite a few horror stories about dealing with AAA when trouble happens. On paper, FMCA looks nearly as good as CoachNet.
  8. I have an Itasca class C on an 2000 E-450 Chassis. I would like to add remote lock/unlock feature. Any recommendations for doing that? It has the electric lock/unlock, so I "Think" that I should be able to add a remote activator, but not sure. Any advice appreciated.
  9. Well, so much opportunity and such a broad request. What kinds of things are you into? History? Civil War? Revolutionary War? Beaches? Fishing? Seafood? Water front? Mountains? I always love driving up the coast. Take US 301 to north of Jacksonville. Then US 17 is a nice run along the coastal region to the Chesapeake Bay area. Coastal Georgia and South Carolina offer some great seafood and waterfront scenery. Savanna and Charleston are beautiful cities with a lot of things to see and do. Then there is the North Carolina with more wonderful beaches, Wilmington, the Outer Banks and Kitty Hawk. When you get to Northfolk, VA, you can take US 13 across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel and up the Eastern Shore, the cut west on US 50 through Annapolis to Washington DC area. That is one of my favorite routes in the Eastern states. If your a history buff, Check out Williamsburg and Jamestown, Virginia and then Yorktown, where the Revolution was won. From there you can meander up the Civil War trail and vist various battle sites along the way. If that is your fancy, you can follow the trail through Gettysburg, and cap the tour with a visit to the Civil War museum in Harrisburg, PA. That is just the start. so much to do.
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