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  1. While experiencing an open time period in treatment of ovarian cancer, we are leaving Florida for six months. However, I have a port embedded in my chest that should be flushed out once a month. Trying to make arrangements for this, we have discovered we will need a doctor's appointment for the state followed by medicare and insurance verification and then an appointment for the flush. Initial discussion in San Antonio revealed it would take longer than the week we plan to spend in San Antonio. Has anyone else had this problem and come up with a solution? Will just walking into an emergency room work? Thanks for any suggestions....
  2. We're in Central Florida - Lakeland and will be here throughout the winter. We're interested in finding agatized coral and hunting for fossils in the Peace River. Is there anything interesting in the Ft. Meyers area?
  3. We're relatively new at rouckhounding and fossil collecting and are looking for RVers with these interests. We're in Florida for the winter and will be headed West next summer.
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