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  1. We did this exact add on also. Works so well we added the "topper' to our master bedroom bed in the house.
  2. Yes to RV Glass Solutions. They did my previous coach windshield in the Quartzsite, AZ desert years ago.
  3. What I mean is... no possible mechanical damage due to overfilling while you run the excess out ? It would seem best to drain at least half out then refill with new fliud not to do any damage.
  4. How can you fill the transmission 6 qt. over full ? That's possible?
  5. Yes a Maxxforce 7 twin turbo. Will be putting more miles in June on it. I'll let you know, I'm surprised also. Very aerodynamic styling on the coach, wheels fit very tight next to body ( not a lot of empty wheel well ) and sloped front end and that is driving at 60 mph not towing. Also verifying using GPS distances.
  6. I've only ran a few tank fulls thru of my 'new to me' RV but we have documented 13 to 15 mpg. 2011 H/R Trip with a 260 hp front engine diesel, no DEF, not towing, cruising at 60 mph. Weight = 22,200 lbs. Areodynamic, light on the pedal. I do use a cetane additive.
  7. I've used a cover for a short time and have given up on it. It is hard to haul up on the roof, you have to very very careful not to step onto a sky light or A/C unit cover and other hazards. Remember each time you want to use your coach or take it for a quick run to 'exercise' the engine, tranny etc ... you will have to take it off and put it back on again. The other BIG thing is the damage it will due to your corners. It will rub the paint or jelcoat off and the generally cause more damage than good. Use a good wax and UV protectant. I wish I could erect a cover but local gov't codes don't allow it. I just polish and wax, polish and wax.
  8. I used some 4 x 6 timbers I had ( they were door headers from construction ) cut them at an angle with a chainsaw . Laid two of them side by side and screwed some 2 x6s to keep them together and add some more height. The whole arrangement is about 3 ft long, enough to drive up, block the wheels. You can probably find scraps at construction jobs, sometimes they use even larger 6 x 12 timbers. Railroad ties work also.
  9. Reading these 'old' posts and have never used Blue Beacon. Think now I'll not even consider them as honest nor use them.
  10. I set mine up with a 30 amp 120volt receptacle. I have the option to run the A/C or heater if I have a guest stay in it. I' don't think you need 240 volt. I leave it off but turn the breaker on once a week for a few hours to put a charge on the batteries.
  11. Being young is beautiful. Being old is comfortable and relaxed. (Will Rodgers)
  12. If I look back on my 10 year ownership of my class A Holiday Rambler I have spent next to nothing on repairs that would be covered by a warranty. I do all my own oil, filter and routine maintenance. I have had one recall on the chassis and one issue with Air Conditioning on the engine (minor). I am so thankful that I did not spend the $2500 for the offered insurance. Graphics on the side of the RV starting to fade and crack but that is not covered by any policy I know of. I am a week away from getting my new class A and do not plan to get a extended warranty on that either, wish me luck.
  13. Right, most Monaco's have a low voltage fuse center in the front driver side bay. Well labeled. Hard to get those small plastic fuse plugs out. I use a needle nose plier and slowly work it loose to avoid cracking the 'board".
  14. There is a inflatable bag sold on line that can be put on top of the slide and under the cover to lift it just slightly to let the water drain off. Probably will not keep snow off because snow will not flow off like water. Best to just close the slide in when it is snowing.
  15. I agree with the NO COVER policy. Wind causes the cover to wear the paint at the top corners and mold is a problem. If you have snow it is a real big issue especially if you want to move the RV and have to take it off, almost impossible with snow or ice on the roof. Best advice is wash and wax. Use a good UV protectant. Structure covers are the best but local codes can prohibit construction of those unless you have lots of room, square footage or acreage. My current RV has vinyl graphics on the sides and the sun is really harsh on them. Next coach is going to have full body paint which I plan to wax often.
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