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  1. I am asking for a friend he is just joining fmca and getting on website. He is looking at a 2016 Fleetwood Flair 26E mini Class A Triton V10. I am not familiar with this model need to advise him. Any thoughts advice or words of wisdom?
  2. Never tried towing a trike. I think ur better off towing a trailer with the bike on it. To tow with tires on ground u may have a problem of trans and other drive chain issues. Even if u pull it in neutral the driveline is still spinning. Just my humble opinion.
  3. I started my app got the TCS fuel card. When I got to the wanting my tax id info, thought I should ask on here. It sounds like a good deal but not familR with TCS What are your experiences with the card?
  4. I have searched windshield Sun Shades, only found one that uses magnets and one that uses a small latch. Not wanting to put any holes in my coach or scratch my windshield. Any opinions please ?
  5. Bank of West, delivery out of state was available for 1100 extra. My state taxes no better so just taking delivery in CA
  6. interesting I didn't know they cared as long as the numbers were good for them. In my humble opinion I think your good. But I have been wrong before.
  7. Haven't pick it up yet 99% there just getting financing arranged
  8. Thank you all for info. I will impress my wife with this new wisdom. You had me at cold ice cream.
  9. I will soon own a all electric coach with a residential frig. Until my recent search to buy a new coach didn't even all electric in rv existed. On the surface it sounds like a good idea. I am a little concerned while traveling will frig stay cold. Any opinions?
  10. They have it in stock so delivery is soon. I went Nirvc,lazy days, and MSrv Texas and many others in AZ none in stock and was told 6 to 8 months for orders. The newmar did not fit me for leg room and seat was straight up and down. Newmar slides are built in a way it limits Captain and co captain chairs. The entegra had alot more leg room and several inches tilt back if needed. That is my thinking anyway
  11. After looking at many brands and models we have put a deposit on a 2022 Entegra Aspire 40P, Spartan chassis 450 hp, 1 1/2 bath, king bed,digital dash with 360 cameras. This is my first ever new RV so I am nervous Hearing horror stories of bad stuff happening with Def systems and other things. Dealership is Richardsons in Colton, CA. Any opinions? My 2003 Monaco Diplomat 40 DST is on RVT for sell.
  12. After three years and lots of $ fixing every little thing on my 2003 Monaco Diplomat 40 DST. We have even been four trips with nothing to fix when we got home. Now considering buying something late model. So now looking for almost or new Class A pusher 40ft or less, king bed a must, like 1 1/2 bath. Any of your advice is appreciated.
  13. Hello everyone, I have a 2003 Monaco Diplomat two roof airs and dash air. Due to heat yesterday Dash air which was blowing 42° was Not doing it so I started Gen. And ran both roof airs but it turned off after about 30 minutes. I was driving and couldn't tell if ac shut off or Gen shut off. What do u do in hot weather for inside comfort .
  14. 1 1/12 bath so I have a Macerator in closet for a vac flush toilet. After flushing, it flushed but does not stop macerating and reset. it has done this before and always something differrent to fix. I need to figure this out myself. I tried reset, unplugged toilet. I drained tank, looked for obstruction but still no luck. Also any suggestions on a upgrade Macerator or toilet? Thank all of you. your help is valuable to me it helps get through this constant something needing fixed.
  15. My coach used to do that it was low fluid in air suspension tank. bump would slosh the fluid and give me th horn warning
  16. I see your point on flush i will use city water unfiltered. is the value and pump behind the panel in pic just wandering how to best access parts? any recommendation on where to buy the parts?
  17. I don't know if I am retarded or what but my City Water fills my fresh water then comes out overflow. after 5 days on city water then all of sudden water coming out of vent overflow i think. I read manuel but don't understand this i guess the line says city/fresh water fill how does it know to fill or not fill fresh tank. ?
  18. Update to below post. I was going to delete my post but thought would own up to Error My Bad. after posting my wife said is there a switch at the Helm. Then the light come on in my head about the batt cutoff switch in the stairwell area. 5 grandkids carried their luggage out that door this morning All good now Wife gets points. I am FNG to these fancy coachs. but dang something always is needing some love. sorry for venting and thanks for your time. I am in RV park Pismo Beach CA. 2003 Monaco Diplomat 40DST One monitor is dead seen in Pic. all the lights, front toilet, water pump all 12dc stuff are dead. rear vac flush toilet which is 12v does still work. I checked all fuses that I can find. reset all beakers I think. Batteries have 13 volts Called all the local mobile repair people no answer or return calls. I am handy and have a volt meter and some tools. anybody? Wayne 559 917 3407
  19. Thank you for your advice I appreciate it.
  20. Hello I am a two year newbie. I have a trip coming up that I am thinking about because of two long steep hills. the two hills I am thinking about is CA hwy 223 from hwy 58 down to Arvin, CA. and then hwy 166 from hwy 99 over to hwy 101. I am driving a 2003 Diplomat 300 cummins Allison pac brake. pulling a 2016 Jeep with air supplement braking. I have learned to turn on pac brake slow it down to let it shift. on these long steep hills how low of gear to u want to go? or how low on speed? or r these crazy hills stay away from. I have serviced brakes. Thank u for your help. on 166 from 101 to 99 it has two runaway ramps in a short distance so it is got thinking I need to ask someone gas been there done that.
  21. thanks Herman but I am looking for outside underneath the coach.
  22. sorry if this is a repeat but search did not show anything. I want to add strip led lighting underneath. looking for advice for best way. do I need a clear tube to put them? stick to frame? any brand or type advice? thank you for your help
  23. I pick up my coach from paint shop with the Diamond Shield on it. The first night I noticed a flaw in the new diamond shield. I contacted Diamond Shield and discovered the lifetime warranty is useless. I am very Disappointed with diamond shield. I removed it and put a different brand that I am very happy with it. I will NEVER ever use diamond shield again.
  24. Thanks I saved the info. I found it was operator error.
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