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  1. As our RV aged and so did we, it got harder to hear each other as we traveled down the road. On this day’s end when we pulled in the engine was very loud. Roger decided it was the manifold. It was 4 o’clock on a Friday and we need a mechanic to access the problem. We found Sauder’s here in Sydney, Nebraska. Chris Sauder, the owner’s son, came out and told us it was a blow gasket on the passenger side. He could not get us in until Tuesday and then parts would need to be ordered. Roger needed to get to Reno (1,100 miles) as his brother was dying. Therefore, Roger went to Reno in the car and I stayed with the dog and cat to get the RV fixed. On Monday Chris called for the vin. number and ordered parts, on Tuesday I was across the street at 8:30. RV was tore down and ready to put back together by 1:30. I spent the night behind the business plunged into their electric. On Wednesday they ran into trouble do to a bolt being broken off. The job was not completed until 4:30. Both the shop and the machine donated time for part of the working on this bolt. During these 2 days Chris came often to the waiting room to bring me up to date on the job, offered me use of a car, and watch my dog while I walked next door for a sandwich. I can’t say enough good things about these people. And if that wasn’t enough the place I stayed was Cabela’s campground at their corporate office. They were so nice and ended up giving us 2 free nights. So if you are in the area these two business while treat you right.
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