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  1. 2005 Monaco Signature Conquest III Cummins ISM 500HP. We're showing 80,350 miles on the odometer and the Alladin system shows a lifetime fuel consumption of 10,128 gallons of fuel for an overall average of 7.93 MPG. This coach approaches 48,000 lbs loaded. That fuel economy figure sort of impresses me! I'm the fourth owner and am looking forward to spending the summer "on the road" in this beauty.... To put it in perspective, years ago we towed a small 24' "camper" trailer behind our gas powered Dodge Ram 360 cu.in. and barely cracked the 8mpg mark with that setup! Safe travels everyone.... TFM
  2. As a followup, if you're looking for the sort of wiring diagram book I describe here, it would appear that Northwest RV supply has some of these in stock @ $125.00 ea. Frnakly, if I didn't have this manual I would have already sprung for one. There's a wealth of valuable information in these electrical diagrams and drawings. http://www.nwrvsupply.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=WIREDIAG&Per_Page=12&Sort_By=disp_order&CatListingOffset=12&Offset=12 TFM
  3. Thanks Gents... I appreciated the response to the topic. I just wanted to see if anyone here has been under the covers of this beast of of motorcoach. I'm going to delicately spend some time this weekend peaking under trim covers and what not to see what I can see. I've not crawled around in the "basement" yet to see if there's a hint down there of where things route to and fro on the chassis. If I find anything monumental, I'll post to this thread. I *do* have the entire 200+ page spiral bound set of engineering / wiring diagrams that originally came with the coach. They've been a monumental help in figuring out all of the other little electrical mysteries I've run in to. The drawings show this cable from an electrical perspective, but not physically how it routes from one side to the other. These drawing pages are BIG "B" sized pages (11"x17") and wont fit into my scanner or copier. But if there's anything anyone might need in any of these diagrams, I could likely just take good pictures of them and attach to an email. If I can find a scanner that will scan pages of this size, I'll get this whole thing digitized and contribute to the collective. Best Regards, TFM
  4. Howdy folks! We've just recently acquired a really nice '05 Monaco Signature Conquest III RV. I seem to have all of the original books manuals and wiring diagrams that came with the coach as new, but have just one thing I can't seem to figure out. This coach was originally equipped with a Bose Lifestyle Home Theater system. The system is still there and does indeed work well, but, there's a multi conductor cord that plugs in to the back of the head unit (that's up in a cabinet above the co-pilot seat) and needs to be plugged in to the back of the subwoofer (that on the *other* side of the coach on the floor of the living room slide out) in order to operate. This cable was wound up and just lying on top of the head unit when I picked up the coach. My question is this: Can anyone tell me where this cable *should* be run to get from the right side of the coach to the left side of the coach in the slide out? Right now, I just drag the cord across the floor and plug it in. I'd really like to put it where it belongs, but can't for the life of me figure out how this should route through the chassis. Any wisdom / advice here is much appreciated. Thanks! Best Regards, Tom
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