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  1. Now the Ford garage and the Goodyear tire store here in town have told me to lower the front tires to 60. That don't sound right.
  2. if i go by what is said on the tire and what the manufacture says how can i be over inflated. i was at the ford garage just this am and he said to lower the front tires to 60. i dont intend to do that.
  3. gross weight 20,500. ford chassis, 6000 miles the panel on the door says 80 the tires say 85 i set them all at 85.
  4. I have a 200? Damon Daybreak (emphasis on break). The front end rides so rough it is causing things to shake loose. Is there something that would help this -- better shocks air bags, anything? Thanks.
  5. thank you all. i do like the floor plan and nothing major has gone wrong. although we dont go too far i love RVing. thanks again, i feel better about it.
  6. I bought a 2007 Damon Daybreak 3060 (emphasis on "break") new in '08. No water problems so far, but the dashboard had a crack in it, the dash fan dropped down, the radio disc player had to be replaced, some of the outside trim molding was cracked, the instrument panel fell back into the dash board, the back-up camera screen came loose from one side, the crank-up mechanism for the antenna fell out, and the decorative decals on the outside are peeling off. Should I keep it or trade it?
  7. Salty slush ... if you drive in this stuff is it possible in the spring to get a hose under the RV and do a good job of rinsing it off good enough?
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