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  1. Had the same problem at a state reservation in Sailsbury Massachusetts. Got a Surge guard that won't let the power go to the motor Home until it checks all the electric to the pedestal. Not cheap but cheaper than an inverter.
  2. When are you going? I have a 40' full hook up reservation in Yellowstone/Fishing Bridge that due to health reasons we cannot go. 5/31/18 to 6/7/18.
  3. Hi There, Check out my post in the forum. I have reservations in Yellowstone/ Fishing Bridge 5/31/18 to 6/7/18 that due to health reasons we cannot go. It is a 40 foot pad with full hook ups the only ones in Yellowstone, If you are interested I will check with them to see if a 45' would fit. It took me over 3 years to get this reservation. Thanks Mike
  4. We live in North Hampton, NH about 4 miles away from Hampton Beach Campground and I have not been able to get in other than the dry camping area in over 3 years. We can work from there so convenient. We will keep trying.
  5. I have a week in Yellowstone / Fishing Bridge 40 foot pad with full hook ups, it took me over 3 years to get the reservation and now due to health reasons I cannot go. The week is 5/31/18 to 6/7/18. I already contacted Yellowstone to see if I can transfer it, they told me how to do that. SO MY QUESTION IS: ANYBODY INTERESTED????? The ad will be in the NEXT issue of FAMILY MOTOR COACHING. If you might be interested, please send me a PM and I will relay you the information. Thanks,
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