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  1. How do I clear the "gell blocking flow"? I sealed off the back of the fridge and pumped hot air behind it for 12 hours.... I am trying to start it on gas because I can hear and see the flame igniting, but it is still not cooling. The fridge is level, the bubble is dead center. Any ideas?
  2. Thanks everyone for you help... Here is the response I received from Dometic... "Unfortunately, Dometic does not have a consumer technical support department. Authorized service centers and/or dealers provide all technical support. They are trained and certified on Dometic products to be able to assist you. They will trouble shoot, diagnose your unit, and contact Dometic to obtain authorization to provide warrantable repairs if applicable. It’s possible the solution in the cooling “gelled” because of the frigid temps. This is something that should be looked at and diagnosed by a qualified service center for confirmation. If that is the case, the cooling unit would need to be replaced." Not that I do not trust their advise, but this is a sealed unit and nothing has changed except the solution has "gelled". Without replacing the cooling unit there should be a way to return the cooling solution back to its natural state... Does anyone know what that process might be? I am certain that I am not the first person to have this problem... was the cooling unit replaced every time this happened? Will it just go back when the temperature warms, or can I put heat on the cooling unit and make that happen. I have put indirect heat behind the refrigerator... but the refrigerator will not cool on A/C or Gas operation...
  3. The RV was a balmy 65 degrees inside. Everything I found says the refrigerator can take all kinds of cold if it is not running. But if you run it in cold temperatures it loses efficiency and the solution can gell... but I can't find what to do if this happens. Will just applying heat to the coils fix the problem? Today is the first time we have been above freezing.. also there was no mention in the manual that the refrigerator should not be operated in cold weather.
  4. It is a Dometic RM 7732, gas/ac prod 921 14 80-03, ser# 54400088, yes, inside a heated RV. All the vents are open and cleared. It switches between gas and ac but does not cool. Everything was working perfectly until the temperature dropped... Lp works. Good flame etc..
  5. Does anyone know a way to return the cooling solution back to it's natural state after it has gelled? The temperature outside dropped to 14 below zero and the refrigerator stopped cooling, so I am pretty sure the solution gelled. So what's the best procedure to fix this problem?
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