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  1. Being the NEWBIE I pose one question actually one observation... are the truck tires retreads! I see a lot of rubber on the road from the truckers. and have witnessed the explosion of a trailor tire. it's scary when you consider that most truck trailors under heavy load travel on retreads.
  2. Hi We are new to the RV lifestyle but it seems this problem is universal when dealing with water. On our yacht and in our Class A we had the same problem, our "FIX" is actually quite simple. we use standard water hose and than we purchased a 3/8 X 1/2 fitting which we attach a 3/8 black plastic hose to our water line, this we insert all the way into the tank, eliminating the water/air bubble problem on the fill fitting. the air can excape unrestricted because the tank fills from the bottom up instead of the fill down. we purchased the stiffer 3/8 black hose at home depot for around $6.00 and had enough for two hoses. it also helps with the burping of trapped air in the tank and the expulsion of water from the vent. hope this helped you....Dale & Jo Ring
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