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  1. This is a two-part question. First, I would like to exchange the CB antenna that came on my '07 Fleetwood Discovery MH for a better one. Do I have to change the cable also, or does it just unscrew and a new one screws on? Sorry, to sound so simple-minded. Secondly, I would like to add an outside WiFi wireless repeater for which I will have to run a power cable to a power source. I have heard that some people took it down through the topmost fridge vent (close to the passenger-side door on my MH). I saw where someone actually ran it down the waste tank vent (ugh!). I would rather it be a little more permanent and "aesthetically pleasing" than either of those two possibilities. However, I am afraid to drill a hole in my roof without knowing more about what is involved. And once I have the hole, how do I access it from the inside (obviously I am not going to drill all the way through the ceiling)? I would appreciate any suggestions, thoughts, ideas, etc. Thanks a lot, Robert Martin 07 Fleetwood Discovery 40X 08 Vue
  2. Hello, everyone. My name is Robert and I am presenting a seminar at our Discovery Owner Organization's national rally in Shawnee, OK in a couple of weeks. The name of the seminar is "How to Improve Poor RV Park Wifi Reception". The slides are mostly all put together now but I would really like to include some real world examples of what some of you have done and how well it worked (or didn't work). I will be discussing the basics of WiFi, radio waves, frequency, power, antennas, reception, transmission, troubleshooting, etc., etc. I have a lot of info on products available but it is mostly vendor marketing hype. I'm particularly interested in external USB adapters with attached antenna or external antenna, high-power outdoor and indoor repeaters (wired or wireless), amplifiers, cable types, types of antennas (indoor or outdoor), antenna gain, etc. But I would also be really interested in how and where you mounted/situated the devices and what your approximate costs were if possible. If you would be kind enough to share your insight (and maybe a picture or two if possible) I will be extremely grateful. I will of course give credit where credit is due in my presentation. I would also be glad to send you a copy of the presentation in thanks for your help. Time is of the essence (wish I had thought of this earlier) so I would appreciate your assistance as soon as you get a chance. Please send to my email address. Thank your VERY much, Robert Martin 07 Fleetwood Discovery 08 Saturn Vue
  3. We travel with anywhere from 1 to 4 cats (we have 7 at home). They, like yours, stay inside, use litter box, etc. Most of the time I don't mention them to the park management. A few times I have. I have never been charged, nor do I recall seeing anything (on sign, in brochure, website, etc.) of an rv park that charges for cats. Can't remember any charging for a dog either (we have one small dog that we do tell parks about when the ask about pets).
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