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  1. I spoke with Aaron white this morning. The pandemic exclusion is only for pandemic related incidences. So because my husband died from Covid, I was not covered. If the death was from a different reason it would’ve been covered. He said he would be putting something together and members should be notified of this at my request.
  2. Good idea to call them and ask that question. I just wish I had known about that before I needed it. I did make it home okay though.
  3. Beware of unavailable benefits. The FMCA travel insurance is currently useless because of the pandemic. There is a pandemic exclusion within the policy. When my husband passed away and we were out of state I tried to use this benefit. I was told there are currently no benefits available and about the pandemic exclusion within the policy. The timing of finding this out could not have been more horrific.
  4. You can only check the "out of state" box every other year in Texas. That,s why I have mine done in December because I'm always home for Christmas.
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