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  1. Not doing this myself, having a trained mechanic take a look but I want to be able to have him check this. That at front of bus or back of it?
  2. Unfortunately it was a last minute breakdown, we leave Saturday for 2 months on the road. So was trying to troubleshoot at least prior to heading out. Got a Hi/lo gauge and was hoping it’d give me insight - I think it’s the TXV valve, anyone know how to test those
  3. Low pressure side is pulling vacuum @ -10psi / 100 psi for high side. I have a dual gauge to pull pressures.
  4. 2004 HR Ambassador - when engine running with AC on Max I’m getting Dual manifold gauge a negative 10 psi on low side and 100 psi on high side (90 degrees outside). Engine off after 30 min I’m getting 100 psi on low and 100 psi on high. It’s the SCS system and says it holds 50oz of refrigerant. I tried dumping 20oz can of r134a into it but no change in pressures. Did start noticing icing in the TXV valve , but can’t say if it had been doing before refill. But def coming the elbow section of that valve at this point. Can I keep adding r134 hoping it kicks the condenser on or do I risk damaging something? Is there a way to use gauges to avoid over fill?
  5. Read all about recall. Was just making sure these weren’t the replacements before I went to shop
  6. Came across the recall and decided to climb under and see if my 04 HR Ambassador had the bad arms. I can’t tell- it almost seems like one is cracked but unsure... (It’s been raining so wasn’t ideal deal to crawl under)
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