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  1. Thank you for all youve done. I'll do what you stated.
  2. Spoke with rep from Michelin, who told me I need the axle weight of all four corners to determine psi. So should I divide the GAWR that i have on placard, in half for now until I get rig weighed
  3. Thank you I'll try that, I guess I would find that info on the driver's side placard I'm reading front 3175 (7000) and rear 5443 (12000)
  4. I've been running Goodyear G670 (245/70/19.5) and had to replace this year. FMCA didn't offer the discounts on Goodyear, so I went with Michelin XZE (245/7019.5) With the Goodyears I was running 80psi, but at the Michelin tire shop they set the new tires to 100psi. I'm confused and tried looking up the right psi for the tires. Can anyone help
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