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  1. Is it possible for a used diesel pusher to have too low of mileage? I am looking at a used 2005 diesel pusher with 29000 miles. It has been stored outside in a dry climate. Could the engine gaskets and seals be dried out? thanks in advance for your help. SGW
  2. ok maybe it is an F53. does that change the location of the problem oe the solution?
  3. Built on a Freightliner Chassis, gas engine Ford Triton V10. I'm OK with a multi-meter , but not great at reading wiring diagrams. It also looks like the wiring diagram does not match up to what is actually in the coach. Don't know if there was some customization done by previous owners. I believe the lights are 12 volt as well. Where would the climate control relay be located?
  4. I am having one of those mystery electircal issues with my RV. I have a 2000 Georgie Boy Cruisemaster. I have power every where in the coach except the back bedroom. 110 outlets work, but i have no power to the furnace, AC unit and bedsideand over head lights. I have checked the ground fault in the lavatory, checked all the fuses and breakers I can find, but cannot find a reason. I have also looked at as much wiring as I can see and all looks good to me. Do any of the relays, either under the hood or on the drivers foot fuse box have any control over any of these functions. Any advise is appreciated. Scott
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