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  1. I purchased a 2009 Monaco Caymen from camping World RV in Syracuse NY. We took ownership last October. We took one trip and found a laundry list of things wrong with the coach. We brought the coach back and were promised all of our issues would be taken care of. After dropping the coach off at the end of October, the coach spent the next 3-1/2 months in the shop. After the coach was delivered back to us, we we're still having some problems, most of witch I'll now fix myself. The major problem we have now is that we purchased our coach before Monaco went bankrupt; hence, we have a new motorhome without a warranty. The major problem that we would like to have fixed is the fuel gauge swings around. The only time the gauge stays still is when the fuel tank has been topped off. The gauge will swing from about three-fourths of a tank to empty while climbing or descending a hill. It gets annoying when your traveling along and you know you should have enough fuel but you have the low fuel alarm going off. Our dealer supposedly worked on the problem and they now are saying this is normal. We're also still missing a stove cover that was damaged when we took ownership that we now can't get replaced. Any help would be appreciated as calls to our dealer and the Monaco tecnical assistance department falla on deaf ears. My suggestion to future RV buyers is to not buy a Monaco, and with my experience with my dealer, I would not buy from that dealer again.
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